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Today the episode begins with After learning the truth from Dr. Suschitra. Muthurasan comes to Dr. Meenka’s house to find the truth. She fears the worst after seeing Muthurasan. She tries to avoid him. Muthurasan goes inside and inquiries about Thiruthani to Dr. Meenaka. Dr. Meenka fumbles when he questions. Muthurasan tries to get the truth from Dr. Meenaka. She tries to hide the truth from Muthurasan. Later, Muthurasan threatens Dr. Meenaka. She fears the worst. Muthurasan inquires Meenaka about the dead child. Muthurasan suspects Meenaka for the death of her child. Menaka scares the worst. Muthurasan accuses Menaka.

At that point, Menaka’s mother coughs. She goes inside to help her. Muthurasan waiting for Menaka. Menaka’s husband comes homes. Muthurasan introduces himself to Menaka’s husband. On the other hand, Swetha and Maruthu return home after kills Bharani. Swetha worries about what this Kalpana did. Maruthu comforts Swetha. At that moment, Menaka phones Swetha. Swetha picks up the call. Menaka informs Swetha about Muthurasan’s arrival to her house. Muthurasan knows the truth and threatens me says Menaka. Swetha fears the worst.

Menaka accuses Swetha. Menaka says I am in trouble for helping you. She blames Swetha. Swetha loses her calm when she blames her. Swetha says I paid for your help. Swetha confronts Menaka. Menaka argues with Swetha. Menaka threatens Swetha that I will reveal everything. Swetha tells her to reveal the truth to everyone. Menaka fears the worst with Swetha’s words. Swetha threatens Menaka that the police will arrest you for your deeds. Menaka scares the worst and seeks Swetha’s help. Swetha agrees to help Menaka. She advises Menaka to come out through the back of the house. Muthurasan tells Menaka’s husband to call Menaka.

Menaka’s husband goes and calls Menaka. Menaka is packing the thing to escape. He tells Menaka to come soon. Menaka lies to his husband and tells Muthurasan to wait. As per, Swetha’s instruction, Meenka switched off her mobile and escapes. Muthurasan waits for Menaka for an hour. Muthurasan suspects Dr. Menaka and calls her. Muthurasan tells Menaka’s husband to call Menaka. Menaka escapes from the place. Muthurasan goes and checks at the back of the house. Later, He is looking for Menaka everywhere. Gotham and Janani are looking for Muthurasan to help. Suddenly, Menaka collides on Gowtham’s bike. Janani insults Menaka and her professions. Menaka argues with Janani and Gowtham.

The villagers talk in favor of Menaka when Gowtham argues. Menaka escapes from the spot. The villagers stop Janani and Gowtham. She goes in a car. On the way,
Muthurasan meets Gowtham and Janani. Janani informs about Menaka’s spot to Muthurasan. Muthurasan suspects Swetha and looking for Menaka. Gotham informs Police about Menaka’s escape.

Swetha helps Menaka. She takes Menaka to a safe place. Muthurasan calls Vennila to ask if Swetha is at home or not. She didn’t pick the call. Swetha tells Maruthu to drop her off at home. Police begin the investigation. Muthurasan rushes towards home to check if Swetha is at home.

with this, the episode ends.