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Today the episode begins with Nilambari tries her best to convince Muthurasan to fulfill Swetha’s last wish. Nilambari blames Vennila for Swetha’s death. She curses Vennila. Vennila asks Muthurasan to tie the thali. Muthurasan hesitates. Vennila pleads to Muthurasan. He pays heed to Nilambari and makes Vennila do the needful.

Muthurasan ties the thali on Swetha’s dead body. Muthurasan puts flowers on her head and puts the toe ring. Nilambari screams terribly. Muthurasan fulfills Swetha’s last wish. Muthurasan stands next to Vennila. Karthik informs Muthurasan that everything is ready in the graveyard we will take Swetha’s dead body to the graveyard and burn it. Nilambari screams to Muthurasan not to take Swetha’s corpse to the graveyard.

Nilambari pleads to Muthurasan. Nilamabri asks Muthurasan to bury Swetha’s body in the backyard of the garden house. Muthurasan thinks for a while. Nilambari begs him. Muthurasan agrees to bury Swetha’s body in the backyard of the garden house. Muthurasan and his family arrive at the backyard of the garden house.

Muthurasan and his family perform the funeral rites. Muthurasan and others lift Swetha’s corpse and place it on the coffin. Nilambari screams terribly. Vennila cries. Muthurasan and his family perform the funeral rites. Poongothai cries. After that, the grave worker tells the family to look at Swetha’s face. The family looks at Swetha’s face. Nilambari screams. Poongothai offers emotional support to Nilambari. The grave worker is going to close the coffin.

Nilambari shows a signal to Maruthu. Maruthu takes out a scent and pours it into the coffin. It smells strong. Everyone closes their noses. The grave worker closed the coffin and dies in the abyss. Nilambari and others throw the sand on the coffin. Nilambari notices Vennila. Nilambari curses Vennila that you will not live happily. Muthurasan tells Nilambari to be quiet. Nilambari says Swetha wanted to marry Muthurasan, but you cheated her and screams terribly. Nilambari curses Vennila that you will not live happily with Muthurasan and your child. Vennila screams and says that we fulfilled her last wish as per Swetha’s wish, please don’t curse me. Nilambari reminds quietly.

The family back home. Muthurasan and his family sitting sadly. Josiar visits Muthurasan’s home. Muthurasan says everything is going wrongly and asks him to predicts the future. Nilambari, Maruthu, Poongothai are sitting on another side. Josiar rolls the stone to predict the future. Josiar rolls the stone and reminds quietly. Muthurasan asks him to tell something. Josiar says the stone shows the same pattern of bad signs.

Muthurasan asks Josiar is there any remedy for this. Josiar says I will bring a priest he will tell the remedy for this. As he leaves the home, Josiar stares at Nilamabri. Rudra and Uthra chat together. Uthra regrets that everything is going wrong. Rudra comforts Uthra. Muthurasan remembers everything and laments to Vennila.

Muthurasan laments to Vennila that I cheated Swetha. Vennila tries to console Muthurasan but he keeps on lamenting.

with this, the episode ends..