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Zee’s Tamil popular shows Yaaradi Nee Mohini and Gokulathil Seethai are coming together to entertain the viewers for three week with lot of twist and turns in their storyline. The current track shows Muthurasan and Vennila perform ritual. Suschitra and her family arrives to their home town. Suschitra decides Anand’s marriage. Vasu, Arjun tries to stop the marriage. Raja kidnap Meenaskhi. Vennila finds the pen drive. Swetha asks Iniya for help. Chitra’s spirit threatens Swetha. Nambothri kidnaps Rudra. Vennila is in a trouble. Meenaskhi escapes from Emaraja. Gandhimathi kidnaps Meenakshi. Muthurasan saves Vennila.

In the previous episode..
She takes her phone and escapes from the place.Iniya tells Swetha to stop Doctor. Swetha tells Nambothri to do something.Nambothri chant mantras against Doctor. Doctor’s car stops suddenly. Doctor phones Muthurasan and tells him to come. Muthurasan pulls the car.

In the upcoming episode.. Meenakshi is waiting for Vasu. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi everywhere. Muthurasan pulls the car. Vennila cries in pain. Vasu is looking for Meenakshi everywhere. Meenakshi is waiting for Vasu at the temple. Swetha’s goons stop Vasu.Vasu beats Swetha’s goons. Swetha’s goons escape from the place. Emaraja is looking for Meenakshi. Vennila cries out of pain. Family is worried about Vennila.Emaraja rides around on his bike. Meenkshi is eagerly waiting for Vasu.

Meenakshi hides herself near the big tree. Vasu calls Meenakshi.Muthurasan brings the Doctor.Muthurasan gets emotional and prays to the God for Vennila. Vennila screams terribly out of pain. Karthik consoles Muthurasan. The doctor tells Muthurasan that Vennila and your children are safe.Muthurasan kisses Vennila. Both spend quality time together.

Will Chitra’s spirit save Rudra and ?Will Muthurasan find Rudra?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Yaaradi Nee Mohini, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates.