Ye Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke show is doing great these days. The current track is gripping and keeping the audience glued to their screens. 

As the viewers know that Mishti (played by Rhea Sharma) discovered the real face of Mehul and will try to investigate about it. She will ask every person possible with the photos on her mobile and try to find the real truth of Mehul. She was sitting helpless in front of temple when priest of temple come. He asks her to pray for help because Goddess help who needs. Mishti prays to Goddess to help her in revealing Mehul’s secret. 

Meanwhile, Govardhan Pooja is going on in Rajvansh house. Since, Mishti is taking long so to buy some time there will be sequence followed. Abir (portrayed by Shaheer Sheikh) will sit at one side of huge weighing scale and other side all expensive commodities will be placed  to balance the weight. In fact, viewers will see clothes and even sewing machine to be weighed against Abir. 

However, in temple, all women praying will keep their husband’s picture in front of Goddess and Mishti will be shocked to see one of them. 

Questions that need answers?

What are Mishti’s findings? Will she able to reach on time? Or Will Mehul play his dirty game again? What will Abir do when Mishti will tell her the truth? Will he believe her or blame her? A lot of things need to be answered but coming up sequences in the show do bring  interesting twists for the audience to keep their mind busy in analyzing about what next will happen. 

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