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Episode begins with Preesha says to Sharda that until Police inspector tells the plan, Saaransh will stay in Gopal’s house. Police inspector calls Preesha and Sharda says to Preesha to put the call on speaker. He says to Preesha that he found a way to rescue Rudraksh without hurting Saaransh. Preesha says to him that she won’t involve Saaransh in this issue. He asks her to meet him to discuss about the plan. Sharda says to Preesha that she should take Saaransh to Police station and if she is not convinced with Police inspector’s plan then she can take Saaransh to Gopal house.

Later, Preesha asks Police inspector about his plan. Police inspector asks Constable to bring Rahul. He introduces Rahul to her saying he will go with her as Saaransh. She says to him that she can’t put Rahul’s life in danger for Saaransh’s sake. Rahul says to her that he is trained well and it’s his 5th operation. Police inspector says to her that she need not to worry about Rahul and says this is the only way to save Rudraksh. Preesha agrees with him and receives message from Kidnapper and informs about it to Police inspector.

Preesha reaches the location and Saaransh asks her to not worry saying he will do like she said. Police inspector informs Preesha that his team surrounded the area so she need not to worry. He assures her saying nothing will happen to Saaransh and asks her to wait for Kidnapper. Mahima, Maria and Jerry comes there. Mahima sees Saaransh and says to Maria that it’s hard to believe that Preesha actually brought Saaransh with her. She tells Maria to call Preesha. Maria calls Preesha and tells her to come near the tree with 10 crore and Saaransh. Preesha asks her about Rudraksh. Maria says to her that she has to handover Saaransh and cash to them first.

Preesha takes Rahul with her and Saaransh hides in the car. Mahima asks Jerry to bring Saaransh and cash. Jerry says to her that they has to handover Rudraksh too. Mahima yells at him saying until she gets cash and Saaransh she won’t handover Rudraksh to Preesha. Preesha moves towards Jerry with Rahul and says to him that she won’t handover Saaransh and cash until he brings Rudraksh. Jerry points gun at her. Suddenly few people comes there and shoots Jerry. Maria gets worried for Jerry. Police also starts fighting with those people. Preesha hides behind the tree with Rahul. Maria tries to go to Jerry but Mahima stops her saying Police will catch her.

Preesha says to Police inspector that Jerry had no intention to handover Rudraksh and suddenly few people came. Police inspector says to her that two gang involved in this case. She thanks him saying Saaransh is safe because of him. He says to her that they will admit Jerry in the hospital to get information about Rudraksh. Preesha shocks seeing Saaransh missing in the car.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh pleads CC to leave him.