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Episode begins with Revati takes Ruhi alone and asks her to tell the truth. Khuranas goes to Rudraksh and helps him to get up. Saaransh apologizes to Rudraksh saying that the latter facing all this because of him. Rudraksh asks him to stay silent. Sharda cries. He tells Sharda that he is fine. He asks them about Ruhi. Preesha tells him that Revati took Ruhi with her. He gets worried and says that he has to do something. Sharda says that they can’t do anything. Preesha clicks Rudraksh’s pictures and goes outside.

Media reporters asks Preesha that what’s happening. Preesha says that they are innocents but police beating Rudraksh up so much. She shows Rudraksh’s picture to them. She adds that police don’t have any proof against Rudraksh still they arrested him in Dev’s murder case and Revati is behind all this. Preesha says that police even arrested her kids and torturing them. Police inspector sees everything and asks Constable to stop Preesha. Constable tries to stop Preesha. Rudraksh calls someone.

Revati asks Ruhi to not waste her time. Ruhi asks her not beat Rudraksh up. Revati asks her that what Shruti told her on annual function day. Ruhi tells her that she went to the terrace and saw Dev there. Then Dev tried to hurt her. Constable tells Revati that her higher officer calling her. Revati goes to her higher officer’s cabin. He shows Preesha’s interview to her. She tells him that Preesha doing this to save Rudraksh who killed Dev. He asks her that if she has any proof to prove her claims. She tells him that she can make Khuranas confess the truth. He tells her that Rudraksh is a celebrity. He asks her that if she is doing all this as a mother. She tells him that she will get justice for Dev. He tells her that he can understand her and asks her to be careful. She leaves from there.

Revati goes to Ruhi and asks her that what happened next. Ruhi tells her that Saaransh came to the terrace and tried to save her. And she fainted so she really don’t know that what happened next.

Khuranas thinks that now Revati will release them. Revati brings Ruhi there. She says that Ruhi told all the truth. Rudraksh tells her that now the latter got to know that what kind of devil Dev was. Revati tells him that Dev was wrong but he didn’t deserve to die like that. She adds that now she thinks that Saaransh is responsible for Dev’s death. She asks Saaransh that what happened that night once Ruhi fainted. Rudraksh tells her that he was there that time. She tells him that he is lying. He tells her that Dev stepped on the marbles and fell from the terrace. He adds that it was an accident.

Police inspector gives forensic report to Revati and says that Dev died because someone strangled his neck which shocks everyone. Revati meets forensic officer. He tells her that Dev could have lived if he was admitted in the hospital at right time when he fell down. She asks him to find fingerprints as soon as possible.

Preesha asks Rudraksh that if he saw anyone near the terrace that day. He shook his head. Revati comes there and says that it’s Rudraksh who strangled Dev’s neck. She adds that Rudraksh’s confession makes him as prime suspect in this case so she is arresting him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rakesh gets shocked seeing one girl. Revati tells Preesha that Rudraksh will end up in jail for sure. Police officer gives fingerprint report to Revati.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th May 2022 Written Update: Police beat Rudraksh up