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The episode begins with Aditya thinks that he lost Kaashvi because of Ronak’s call. He finds Kaashvi’s taxi. He asks taxi driver that where the latter dropped Kaashvi. Taxi driver tells Aditya about CD shop. Aditya goes to CD shop and asks shop guy about Kaashvi by showing her photo. Shop guy lies to Aditya that Kaashvi did not come there. Aditya wonders why shop guy is lying and where is Kaashvi now.

Meanwhile, Kaashvi enters the bars and takes the photo of Dilruba’s photo. She waits for Dilruba and sees Dilruba. She goes to Dilruba and says that she has to search the latter’s car. Dilruba tells Kaashvi that her dance performance will begin in 5 minutes. Kaashvi makes Dilruba unconscious. She goes to staff room with Dilruba’s costume.

In the bar, everyone waits for Dilruba. Kaashvi comes there wearing veil and dances. She thinks that Arjun must be there only. She enters the room while dancing. She finds Arjun there. She tells kidnappers that she came there to escape from crowd. She gets permission to stay there for some time. She hopes Arjun sees her. Arjun regains his consciousness and understands that Kaashvi is there.

Outside the bar, Dilruba regains her consciousness and screams for help. Aditya hears this while searching Kaashvi. He goes to Dilruba’s car.

Kidnappers leaves from the room. Kaashvi hugs Arjun. Arjun tells Kaashvi that he is glad she found him. He says that that place is danger so Kaashvi should leave from there. Kaashvi tells him that she won’t go alone. He asks her to bring back up from outside. She tells him that he is right.

Kamaal comes there. He asks Arjun that what the latter is doing there. He scolds Arjun for ruining his business. Arjun says that he know about Kamaal’s child trafficking too so he will make sure Kamaal rot in jail. Kamaal laughs. He notices Dilruba and praises her dance. Arjun unties himself. Kamaal tells Arjun that the latter can’t leave from there alive. Arjun says that that’s Kamaal’s misunderstanding. Kamaal beat Arjun up. Kaashvi feels bad seeing this and leaves from there.

Dilruba asks Aditya to rescue her. Aditya rescues her. He asks her that who is she and what happened to her. She tells him everything. He understands that Kaashvi is behind this. She notices her bag is missing and goes inside to find it.

Kaashvi thinks that it will take time back up to come. She notices Dilruba and Aditya there. She wonders what Aditya is doing there. Aditya and Dilruba learns that Dilruba danced today. Dilruba asks herself that who danced today. Aditya hears this. Kamaal tells Arjun that he is going to kill the latter.

Episode ends.

PrecapĀ  – Arjun and Kaashvi learns that they are Karun’s parents. They also learns that Karun is missing.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2024 Written Update: Arjun gets a clue to find his child