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Episode begins with Preesha thinks what if someone kidnapped Sagar and starts searching him. She informs Police inspector about Saaransh’s disappearance and yells at him saying it happened because of him. She loses her consciousness and falls. Police inspector says to Constable to call Ambulance. On the other hand, Saaransh pleads CC to release him saying he want to go to Preesha. CC yells at him and asks him to stay silent. CC’s Guy asks CC that what they are going to do with Saaransh. CC says to him that they will get Rudraksh from new Kidnapper using Saaransh.

CC’s Guy asks him that what if new Kidnapper refused to give Rudraksh to them. CC says to him that then they can kill Saaransh but that won’t happen because new Kidnapper wants Saaransh. Maria says to Mahima that she did wrong by listening her and gets worried for Jerry. Mahima says to her that Police were there and she saved her from them but instead of thanking her, Maria blaming her. She wonders who attacked Jerry and how they knows about that location. Maria says to her that CC would have learnt about Jerry’s betrayal so it must be his Goons. Mahima thinks to know about CC.

In hospital, Preesha regains her consciousness and asks about Saaransh. Nurse tries to stop her. Preesha says to Police inspector that both Rudraksh and Saaransh life in danger and she has to save them. Police inspector says to her that she is unwell and asks her to understand that. Sharda comes there and Preesha hugs him and tells her about Rudraksh and Saaransh. Sharda says to her that she knows everything and asks Preesha to calm down. Police inspector says to them that someone got to know about their plan.

Sulochana asks Kabir that when CC will call him to say what happened there. Kabir calls CC and asks what happened. CC says to him that he kidnapped Saaransh successfully and thanks him for giving information. Sulochana recalls how she overheard Preesha and Sharda’s conversation when they were talking about Saaransh and Kidnapper’s new demand and she informs about it to Kabir. Kabir informs CC about Kidnapper’s demand. He follows Preesha to know about the plan and learns about the plan and he informs about it to CC. CC reveals his plan to his Goon and asks him to kidnap Saaransh.

Kabir asks CC that does he got to know about new Kidnapper. CC says to him that he doesn’t know anything and disconnects the call. He asks his Goon about Maria and tells him to call her. CC informs Maria that Jerry is in Police custody and says to her that only he can save him now and asks her to tell, for whom Jerry working. Maria gives the mobile to Mahima.

CC asks Mahima to give Rudraksh and informs her that he kidnapped Saaransh. Mahima asks him to give Saaransh to her in exchange of Rudraksh. Nurse says to Police inspector that Jerry’s condition is critical and because of curfew no Doctor is available. Preesha decides to do Jerry’s surgery.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jerry apologize to Preesha and informs her about Mahima.

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