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Episode begins with Preesha realises that Gautam’s confession clip missing from her mobile and informs that to Rudraksh. He says she even sended him so he will see in his mobile but doesn’t get the clip. She says Mahima is behind this because She got to know that they are going to file case against her. He wonders how she got to know about the clip and how she deleted it. Police inspector says without proof he can’t do anything and asks them to bring the guy who gave statement then only he can do anything.

They come out and they decides to talk to Gautam about the issue. Preesha calls him and informs him that their plan flopped because someone deleted his confession clip and she thinks Mahima is behind this. He says he already told that she is such a dangerous person. She says without proof even Police can’t do anything against Mahima so it wil be better if he comes to Delhi also they doesn’t have any other choice and asks will he come.

He says to punish Mahima he can do anything. She asks him to send flight details so she can pick him and disconnects the call. She tells Rudraksh that he can’t come because Mahima must be watching him so she will go airport alone. Later in Srinivasan house, Preesha receives some parcel from unknown address and when she opened that she loses her consciousness because of the gas which came from that parcel. Delivery guy informs about Preesha to Mahima.

Mahima thinks now Preesha can’t go to airport to pick Gautam and she can’t even see him again because what happened with Arjun will happen with Gautam too or more than that. In airport, Gautam waits for Preesha then calls her but she didnt pick the call and decides to go to hotel. Yuvraj asks Mahima that why they are waiting here and says still she didn’t gave money for Ooty trip. He recalls how Mahima called him and asked him to work for her and even revealed to him that she knows that he is Preesha’s fake husband and helping Rudraksh, Preesha.

He said she is hallucinating and was about to leave but she stops him saying he knows that how she spoiled their plan when they brought Arjun to expose her. She realises that he doesn’t know anything about Arjun and instigates him against Preesha, Rudraksh saying they doesn’t reveal anything to him about the plan because they don’t trust him and just using him. She says she will give money and tells him to join her. He agrees to join her and thinks everyone trusts him but he doesn’t trust anyone other than him.

Later he deletes Gautam’s confession clip from Preesha’s mobile and informs that to Mahima. He comes to reality and sees Gautam there. She explains him about their further plan and leaves from there. Yuvraj tries to kill Gautam according to the plan. Rudraksh wonders what’s happening. Mahima asks Saaransh to play with her but he gets afraid seeing her. She switchoff Rudraksh’s mobile. Gopal, Vasudha shocks seeing Preesha lying on the floor unconscious. Gautam regains his consciousness and tries to save his life.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha got to know about Gautam’s accident but he survived.