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The episode begins with Arjun unties himself and he beat Kamaal and his gang. Meanwhile, Aditya searches Kaashvi in the bar. He learns that Kaashvi went inside and he goes inside. He sees Kaashvi eating with a girl. He asks her that what is she doing there. Kaashvi introduces Prerna to him. She lies to him that there is water issue in Prerna house so they were staying in the hotel and they came there to have dinner. He asks her that why she is having dinner there.

She tells him that she and Prerna has memories there. She asks him to join them. He tells her that this place is not safe. She reminds him that she is civil service officer. He wonders that he should trust Kaashvi or not. She thinks that she is glad she found a girl.

In the past, Dilruba’s friend scolds Kaashvi for taking Dilruba’s place. Kaashvi shows her identity card to Dilruba’s friend. She says that she came to arrest child trafficking gang. She asks Dilruba’s friend to pretend like her friend for some time. Dilruba’s friend agrees to help Kaashvi.

In the present, Kaashvi asks Aditya that what is he doing there. Aditya tells her that he got tip that something illegal is happening there. She tells him that nothing like that is happening so he can go. He leaves from there. She tells thanks to Dilruba’s friend. Aditya thinks that something is fishy for sure. They hears bullet sound. Kaashvi worries about Arjun and runs inside. Aditya also runs inside.

Arjun tries to take the gun. Kaashvi comes there and she beat Kamaal up. She helps Arjun to stand. Aditya sees this. They beat Kamaal and his gang up. Kamaal runs from there. Arjun chases Kamaal. Kaashvi goes to Aditya who is injured. Arjun returns and says that Kamaal escaped. Police comes there. Arjun scolds Kaashvi and Aditya for coming there. He says that he would have handled the case alone. Aditya says that he did not come to help Arjun.

Kaashvi says that she was having dinner with her friend and she came inside after hearing bullet sound. Arjun argues with her. Aditya asks Arjun that what the latter was doing there. Arjun says that he got tip that Kamaal there. Aditya says that it’s such a good coincidence that Kaashvi and Arjun is there. He thinks that Arjun and Kaashvi are working together for sure.

Kaashvi finds CD-859. She recalls that how Arjun told her about CD-859. She sends Aditya to the hospital. She gives that CD-859 to Arjun. They gets child trafficking information in that CD. Kaashvi thinks that it has last two years information only. She tells Arjun that they have to save those babies. Arjun threatens to kill Kamaal gang member. Kamaal gang member takes them to the place where they kept the babies. Later, Kaashvi tells Arjun that Kamaal escaped so they can’t find their child. Arjun tells her that they have Mahima and they will find their child at any cost. He hugs her ( Title song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

Precap  РArjun and Kaashvi learns that Karun is their son.

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