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Episode begins with Preesha finds Nalini’s mobile but could not find anything about Nalini’s boyfriend. She picks Nalini’s mother call and meets her. She informs her about Nalini’s accident. Nalini’s mother cries saying that first Nalini got pregnant with married man’s child and now this. Preesha asks her about Nalini’s boyfriend. Nalini’s mother says that Nalini has shown him once. She finds a newspaper and shows Rakesh’s picture to Preesha saying that he is Nalini’s boyfriend. She says that she warned Nalini that Rakesh won’t leave his family for Nalini but she didn’t listen her.

Police officer calls Preesha asks her to visit the police station to give statement because they found the truck driver. Preesha tells Nalini’s mother everything and asks her to not worry saying that she will take care of Nalini. After some time, Preesha visits the police station. Truck driver apologizes to Preesha. She asks him that if anyone hired him to hit Nalini. Police officer takes truck driver to jail. She wonders that what if Rakesh tried to kill Nalini.

Preesha meets Rudraksh and tells him everything. He tells her that they don’t have any proof against Rakesh. He asks her to visit truck driver’s family to collect clue. She tells him that she won’t let him stay behind bars for long. He asks her to take care of herself because he can’t live in guilt if anything happened to her then.

Preesha gets truck driver’s address by tricking police officer. She goes to truck driver’s address. She notices that truck driver’s wife and son leaving the house and follows them. She sees them entering the school and assumes that truck driver’s wife must be working there and decides to leave from there.

Nurse informs Preesha that they could not save Nalini. Media reporters comes there and asks Preesha that what is she doing there. She tells them about Nalini and says that they saved Nalini’s child. And they can find the father of Nalini’s child by doing DNA test. Media reporters reports Nalini’s news. Revati and Rakesh watches the news. Revati feels bad for Nalini.

Later, Rakesh sneak into the hospital to steal Nalini’s DNA sampling. Preesha catches him red-handed. She tells him that she knows that he is the father of Nalini’s child that’s why she lay a trap for him. She blames him for Nalini’s accident. He laughs at her and says that she don’t has any proofs to prove her claims. She tells him that she met truck driver’s wife.

She recalls that how she confronted truck driver’s wife and learnt that Rakesh hired truck driver to kill Nalini. She calls reporters to the hospital for breaking news. She tells Rakesh that truck driver’s wife will give statement against him in the court. He tells her that she is fool. He adds that he will say that he don’t know Nalini. She calls Nalini. He gets shocked seeing Nalini alive.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha tells Rakesh that she lied about Nalini’s death. Rakesh confesses that he killed Dev and points gun at Preesha.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th May 2022 Written Update: Preesha admits Nalini in the hospital