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Episode begins with Maria decides to go to Jerry but Mahima stops her saying that she is forgetting that they escaped from prison and Jerry is in Police’s custody right now. Maria says to her that she doesn’t care about all that because she just want to meet him that’s it. She regrets for listening to her. Mahima tells her to calm down saying she will help her to escape from this problem. But Maria refuse to listen her and decides to go to Jerry saying no one can stop her and she has to meet him today no matter what and moves towards the door. Mahima hits her head with vash from behind. Maria loses her consciousness. Mahima talks to herself saying she is not understanding that why everyone wants to die and Maria wasted her time. She calls CC and asks him to meet her.

In hospital, Jerry regains his consciousness and learns about his surgery from Nurse and asks her about Maria. Nurse says to him that no one came to meet him and informs him that Preesha saved his life. He shocks seeing Preesha and apologize to her. But she refuse to forgive him saying she saved his life as a Doctor that’s it and she can’t forget the fact that he snatched Saaransh and Rudraksh from her. He says to her that she is right and he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. Police inspector asks him to help them to rectify his mistakes. Jerry agrees to help them.

CC informs Kabir about Mahima. Kabir asks Sulochana that does she know about Mahima. She says to him that Balraj’s murderer name is also Mahima. Jerry informs Police inspector about Mahima and Maria and also how he helped them to escape from prison. Police inspector asks him about Mahima’s current location. On the other hand, Mahima takes Rudraksh with her before Police reaches there. Police and Preesha searches Rudraksh and Mahima. Preesha finds Maria inside the cupboard.

Mahima meets CC. Saaransh gets afraid seeing Mahima. CC taunts Mahima so she shoots him. CC’s ally tries to attack Mahima but she threatens him to backoff if he want to live then. She says to him that she killed CC because he badmouthed about her and says she knows that what kind of person she is that’s not mean CC can say that in front of her. She asks him to work for her otherwise he has to die like CC. She says to him that he can take CC’s place if he worked for her then. She says to him that he just has to make duplicate passport for her and Saaransh and he can get Rudraksh too. Maria says to Preesha that Mahima left with Rudraksh and she went to meet CC. CC’s ally Harish agrees to work for Mahima. Mahima thinks she will get all the property.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police finds CC’s dead body.

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