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Episode begins with Mahima asks Harish to bring Saaransh. She smiles seeing Saaransh and says to Harish that one right decision can change the life and Harish took that right decision today so his life changed. He asks her to tell the location so he can meet her after arranging the passports and tickets. She nods at him and takes Saaransh with her. CC’s another ally scolds Harish for leaving CC’s murderer. Harish slaps him saying CC is no more so from now on he is their boss. That guy asks Harish that what they has to do with CC’s dead body. Harish says to him that Police will handle that and they leaves from there.

Police comes there with Preesha and finds CC’s dead body. Police inspector says to Constable to call forensic team. Preesha says to him that she is sure that Mahima killed CC. He says to her that Mahima is really dangerous so they has to catch her as soon as possible. She asks him that how they are going to reach Saaransh and Rudraksh now. He says to her that now only Jerry can help them.

In the hospital, Maria thanks Preesha for saving Jerry’s life. Sharda comes there and asks Preesha about Saaransh and Rudraksh. Jerry asks them about CC. Preesha informs them about CC’s death. Jerry says to them that Harish is important person after CC so he would not have stayed silent. Preesha says to him that she is sure that now Harish is on Mahima’s side. Police inspector says to them that Harish would have become new boss then. Preesha asks Jerry about Harish’s location. Jerry says to her that CC have many places and he will give information of all those places.

Preesha asks Police inspector to raid those places and with that they can find Saaransh and Rudraksh. Police and Preesha checks all the places but found no one. Kabir waits for CC’s call. Sulochana asks him to call CC. Harish picks Kabir’s call and informs him about CC’s death. Sulochana says to Kabir that they lost everything and says if Ahana get to know the truth then she will throw them out of the house.

Preesha asks Jerry that does he know any other secret place of CC. Jerry tells her that Harish goes to temple everyday. Preesha gets an idea and informs about her plan to Police inspector. Later, Preesha disguises herself as guy and saves Harish from accident. Ahana comes to Gopal’s house to meet Preesha. Vasudha informs her that Preesha is not in the house. Ahana says to them that Sharda told her that Saaransh and Preesha staying in their house. Gopal says to her that she would have misunderstood. Ahana and Vasudha argues with each other. They decides to go to ask Sharda.

Harish thanks Preesha and gives money to her. She introduces herself as Chottu and asks him to give job instead of money. He agrees to give job to her. She thanks God in her mind and recalls how she decided to join Harish’s gang to win his trust. She calls Police inspector without Harish’s knowledge and informs him everything. Harish takes Preesha to his place and he asks her to make tea. Preesha thinks she has to check all the rooms.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima comes to meet Harish.

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