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The episode begins with Mahima tells the truth to unconscious Arjun. She reveals that Karun is Arjun and Kaashvi’s child. She says that she is mastermind and she won against Arjun and Kaashvi. Kaashvi comes there and slaps Mahima. On the other hand, Aditya searches Kaashvi in the house. He wonders whether Kaashvi went to help Arjun. He decides to alert Mahima. He calls Mahima but call gets disconnected. He thinks that something is fishy.

Mahima asks Kaashvi that whether the latter become mad. Kaashvi tells Mahima that she want to kill the latter. She asks Mahima that how can the latter do this with her and Karun. She says that Mahima must be wondering how she know all this. She shows earbud to her and says that it was connected with Arjun’s phone. Mahima gets shocked seeing this. Kaashvi asks Mahima to answer why the latter did this. She says that she will tell the truth to Arjun. And says that Arjun would have killed Mahima if he was conscious then. She gives antidote to Arjun.

Kaashvi tells Mahima that the latter will end up in jail. She says that she will make sure Mahima never gets out of jail. Mahima tells Kaashvi that the latter is wasting their time because nothing will change. She says that she won’t give statement to police. She adds that she will put the blame on hospital even if Kaashvi proves her claim with DNA test report then.

Kaashvi laughs and says that she is not fool. She plays the recording of Mahima’s confession. Police comes there and arrests Mahima. Kaashvi gives recording to Police inspector. Mahima tells Kaashvi that she can’t stay in jail. She apologizes to Kaashvi. Police takes Mahima from there.

After some time, Mahima gets permission to call Aditya. She calls him and tells him everything. Aditya tells her that he warned her already still she did this. He scolds her for ruining everything. She apologizes to him. She pleads him to save her. He tells her that he won’t help her. He warns her to not call him again and disconnects the call. He says that he can’t lose Kaashvi so he has to do something.

Arjun tells sorry to Kaashvi for ruining their plan. Kaashvi tells him that Mahima told the truth. She informs him everything. He gets happy hearing this. He says that Karun is his and Kaashvi’s child and he hugs her ( Title song plays in the background ). He tells her that they reunited and smiles. She tells him that now she understood why she felt connection with Karun. They goes to meet Karun.

Meanwhile, Karun leaves for picnic. Kaashvi and Arjun comes there. Kaashvi runs to Karun’s room. She thinks that she is going to meet her son. She learns that Karun left for school. She leaves the house with Arjun. Aditya gets pissed off seeing all this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaashvi and Arjun learns that Kamaal kidnapped Karun.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th June 2024 Written Update: Aditya learns Arjun and Kaashvi’s plan