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Episode begins with Preesha thinks that how can she behave like that. Pihu asks her that why the latter did not sleep yet. Preesha tells her that she said “I Love You” to Rudraksh. She says that she feel like she have said that before too. She asks her that how can she say that when Rudraksh tortured her. Pihu asks her that if Rudraksh is that bad. Preesha nods at her. She says that she is feeling bad for saying that. She says that Armaan is her husband and she is feeling guilty. Pihu asks her to not feel guilty. She says that Preesha would have felt something that time, that’s why Preesha said that to Rudraksh. She asks her to take rest and leaves the room.

She asks Rudraksh that if he heard everything. He tells her that he heard everything. He recalls that how he called her to know about Preesha’s condition. He tells her to not disconnect the call. She tells him that Preesha still love him. He thanks her for doing all this for him. She tells him that she is doing this for Preesha. She says that this is the right thing to do also. She asks him to not think too much and sleep.

Next day, Armaan and Digvijay enters the Thakur house. Armaan asks Thakurs that why they looks shocked. Preesha tells him that it’s not like that. Armaan says that he got bail because of Digvijay. Digvijay asks him to forget the past and move on. He tells Kanchan to distribute sweets to servants. Armaan takes one sweets box. He gives sweets to Prem and his gang. He asks Prem that if the latter is happy with his release. Prem tells him that he is very happy. Armaan tells him that he went to jail because of the latter. Everyone gets shocked hearing him except Digvijay. Armaan removes Prem’s fake beard and fake hair. Preesha gets shocked seeing Rudraksh.

Armaan asks Rudraksh if he should call him as Prem or Rudraksh. He tells him that he never thought the latter will stoop this low. He asks him that how dare he to deceive him. He tells Preesha that Rudraksh crossed all the limits. He says that Rudraksh took advantage of Preesha’s sweet nature. Rudraksh tells Preesha that Armaan is wrong. Preesha slaps Rudraksh. She lashes out at him. She tells him that he is devil. Kanchan says that Armaan was right since beginning.

Armaan recalls that how he send Digvijay to Khurana house to attend the launch party. He learns that Preesha said “I Love You” to Rudraksh. He thinks that something is wrong with medicine. Digvijay shows medicine to him. Armaan realises that Rudraksh replaced medicine. He tells Digvijay that he won’t lose Preesha at any cost.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks Rudraksh to tell the truth. Preesha says that truth is in front of them already. Rudraksh tells Preesha that she is taking the medicines which can erase her memories. Pihu gives Rudraksh’s love letters to Preesha. Armaan burns those letters. Preesha tells him that she felt like Rudraksh really loved her.

Episode begins with Preesha asks Pihu that from where the latter get this saree. She says that she feel like she have worn this saree before. Pihu tells her that this is new saree. She says that Preesha would have worn similar saree before. Preesha thinks that Rudraksh gifted her this saree in the past. They gets ready for the party. Pihu compliments Preesha. Digvijay asks them that what’s the occasion. Pihu tells him that they are going to the party. Preesha says that they are going to Pihu’s launch party. She says that Pihu going to be a singing star. She reveals about album.

Digvijay tells Pihu that he is so proud of her. He hugs her. He asks her that why she did not tell him. Pihu tells him that Rudraksh throwing party at Khurana house. Digvijay gets angry hearing her. He scolds them. Preesha tells him that he is ruining Pihu’s happy day. She says that it’s about Pihu’s future. She tells him that it’s such a big opportunity for Pihu. Pihu tells him that she is thinking about herself only not Rudraksh.

She says that it’s her career so she don’t want to lose this chance because of Rudraksh. She says that she is getting a chance to get launched with Raj. She tells him that she will go to the party. Preesha tells him that they don’t like Rudraksh and they will come back as soon as launch party gets over. Kanchan tells him that they should think about Pihu’s happiness. Digvijay tells all the best to Pihu. Preesha and Pihu leaves from there.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2022 Written Update: Armaan learns about launch party