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The episode begins with Kaashvi tells Vandhana that tomorrow morning she will enquire the latter. Aditya tells her that this is not fair. She warns him to not utter a word. Vandhana tells Aditya that it’s fine because she is telling the truth and she is not scared of anything. Kaashvi shows a room to Vandhana and says that this place is safe. Aditya tells Vandhana that it’s just for a day and tomorrow everyone’s doubts will be cleared. Kaashvi locks the door from outside. Aditya asks her if it’s necessary. She tells him that he has softcorner for Vandhana. He tells her that she don’t trust him at all and they will talk about it once this matter gets resolved.

Later, Aditya and Kaashvi eats dinner. Shanti gives kheer bowl to them. Kaashvi says that she is not in mood to eat kheer and goes inside. Shanti says that fights are common in between husband and wife and it strengthen the relationship.

Next day, Kaashvi sees the door is open and wonders who did it. She searches Vandhana and asks Security guard about Vandhana. Security guard tells her that this room was open from morning. Kaashvi thinks that maybe Aditya helped Vandhana to escape. She sees Aditya and scolds him for helping Vandhana to escape. Aditya asks her that how can she accuse him. He tells her that she had key with her always. She tells him that he stole the key when she slept. He asks her that what happened to her.

She tells him that he framed Arjun in rape case with Vandhana’s help. He warns her to stop accusing him. She asks him that where was he doing bharaat. She says that Aditya was not in the marriage day photos and videos. He asks her that whether she really think he hurted Isha for Arjun. She tells him that maybe he hired someone. She says that she can’t stay with Aditya. She cut off all ties with Aditya and leaves from there.

Later, Kaashvi tells everything to Dadi. Dadi defends Aditya. Kaashvi says that Arjun is innocent. Dadi asks Kaashvi that whether the latter trust Arjun because she loves him. Kaashvi says that it’s about her work. She decides to question Isha again.

Kaashvi meets Isha. She tells Isha that she think Arjun is innocent. Isha asks Kaashvi to not do this. Monty asks Kaashvi to not start everything again when they have proofs against Arjun. Kaashvi says that someone else did all this. She adds that Aditya is behind all this.

Arjun tells Jagadish and Karun that Kaashvi found Natasha. Arjun tells Jagadish that his life biggest mistake is, him cheating on Kaashvi. Karun tells Arjun to say sorry to Kaashvi. Isha tells everything to Kaashvi and cries. Monty scolds Kaashvi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaashvi tells Police inspector about search warrant for her house. Aditya tells Kaashvi that he will solve the case. They watches the CCTV footage and sees who helped Vandhana to escape.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th April 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi suspects Aditya