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Episode begins with Balraj says he will destroy everything if Rudraksh doesn’t listen him and breaks the things from his room. Ahana says his behavior won’t stop Rudraksh and Preesha’s instigation. She asks him to agree to Rudraksh’s decision of joining school. She says if Rudraksh left singing then everything finished. She says she will make sure it’s profitable for him. She says she will publish like it was Balraj’s idea as a responsible father for Rudraksh. She says it will be their win against Preesha. She asks him to believe her saying she will take his revenge.

Preesha prepares the list of things they needed. When she talks about Rudraksh school uniform, he interferes her saying why should he wear uniform like others. He says he won’t look good on uniform. She asks him to concentrate on books not looks. Ahana says she completed all the arrangements for Rudraksh and Saaransh admission and asks him to sign on some forms. He signs on those papers without reading it.

She gets happy and says it’s his termination form and it says if he misbehaves with anyone or doesn’t attends any calss then he has to leave the school. She says she knows Rudraksh very well he loves to break rules and with his attitude it will be fun to see him in her school. 

Saaransh informs his friends about his admission. Preesha thanks Rudraksh in mind saying he gave this happiness to Saaransh. Vasudha calls Preesha and tells her that she is angry on her for not telling her about Saaransh’s admission. Preesha says she was busy with online exam and all that’s why she couldn’t inform her. Preesha gets Saaransh’s login id and password for online classes and informs that to Saaransh.

Preesha tries to remove Rudraksh’s headset from behind but he drags her to front. He thinks why he could not able move away from her. Preesha thinks something happens her when he comes close to her and tries to move away from him but he drags her to him again. She asks him about login id password. He says about which password she is talking. She asks him to check his mobile. He says he didn’t get anything and was about to go to Balraj. She stops him saying they will talk with Ahana first. 

Ahana happily shows Rudraksh’s signature to Mishka and says just one mistake then Rudraksh will be out of the school. That time Preesha and Rudraksh comes there. Preesha says Saaransh got online class login id and password but Rudraksh didn’t receive. Rudraksh says Balraj would have stopped her. Ahana asks him to stop thinking negatively about them.

She says Balraj doesn’t even know about this login id and all. She says Sharda would have received, he gave her details in form because usually parents receives these details. She says she is disappointed with his behavior. Preesha and Rudraksh shocks seeing Balraj’s messed up room. They says they will clean the room and asks Sharda to take rest. Sharda says Balraj will get angry but they doesn’t listen her. Balraj asks without his permission how can they enter his room and tells them to leave from there. He tells Preesha to not come in front of him till she stays in his house. Sharda requests Rudraksh to leave from there. 

Episode ends. 

Precap – Mishka changes Rudraksh’s alarm timings. Ahana tells Balraj that Rudraksh won’t attend his first day online class.