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Episode begins with Sharda asks Vaijayanti that did Bunty really took Preesha’s name. Vaijayanti tells her that she heard that and Rudraksh also staying there only so she is sure that both hiding something from them. Sharda asks her that what the latter planning to do now. Vaijayanti tells her that she is going to the village tomorrow. On the other hand, Ruhi tells Rudraksh that she got afraid when she learnt about her mother’s accident because she has no one except her mother. He tells her that she is his best friend so he won’t leave her alone. She asks him to stay to celebrate lohri with her. He agrees to stay for her. She gets happy and wish that he stays by her side always. Yuvraj sees them and tells himself that he should finish Rudraksh’s story.

Next day, Rudraksh tells Bunty that he decided to stay in this village one more day to celebrate lohri with Ruhi. Bunty thinks that Preesha will get worried. Meena asks Preesha to get rest without worrying about anything. Ruhi asks Preesha that if the latter is fine. Preesha tells her that she is fine. Ruhi asks her to not do any household chores.

After some time, Preesha calls Bunty and asks him that where is he now. He lies that he and Rudraksh reached Delhi and disconnects the call. He says that he will leave with Rudraksh after lohri celebration. Preesha sees storeroom and moves towards it. Rudraksh tells himself that he will miss Ruhi so much. Ruhi goes to take bath and notices Preesha moving towards the storeroom. She stops her and asks her that where the latter going. Preesha tells her that she was going to storeroom. Ruhi takes her from there saying that she wants shampoo.

Later, Ruhi gets ready to celebrate lohri. She asks Rudraksh that how she is looking. He screams from behind to scare her. She says that now she won’t give gift to him. He pleads her to give it to him. She shows his new clothes to him. She asks him to wear it and show it to her. She notices the bangle and asks him that why he has her mother’s bangle. Meanwhile, Preesha gets ready and she notices the bangle which Meena gifted her. She recalls that how Bunty said that Rudraksh took one of her bangle.

Rudraksh asks Ruhi that if the latter is sure. She tells him that Meena gifted this bangle to her mother. He tells her that he want to see her mother. She tells him that her mother left to celebrate lohri and leaves from there. He thinks that maybe Ruhi’s mother knows Preesha. Yuvraj sees him and thinks that Rudraksh can’t come out of the storeroom. He reaches the lohri celebration venue and argues with Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ruhi finds Rudraksh in unconscious state. She asks him to wake up. Rudraksh sees Preesha.

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