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The episode begins with Jagadish and others watches the news and learns about car blast. Jagadish calls Ronak and asks what happened. Ronak thinks that he can’t tell about Karun to Jagadish on the phone. He asks Jagadish to come to the hospital. Jagadish and others leaves for the hospital.

In the hospital, Kaashvi tells Arjun that she lost Karun because of the latter. She says that Arjun lost her too along with Karun. Arjun gets shocked hearing this. She reminds him that she requested him to return the drugs to Kamal but Arjun did not listen her due to his ego. She says that Arjun sacrificed his son for his first case. He asks her that whether she really thinks he did that for his first case. He says that his first case is not more important than his son. He tells her that he wanted to save other kids along with Karun.

She tells him that they are officers and they should be smart than criminals. He asks her that whether she had any other solution than his solution. She taunts him for asking this now. She tells him that she would have caught Kamal after giving drugs to Kamal but Arjun did not listen her. She says that they become fool in front of Kamal. She reminds him that Kamal snatched Karun from her.

He tells her that he is also in pain. She scolds him for comparing her pain with him. She tells him that he spent seven years with Karun but she was not with Karun. She says that she did not experience anything with Karun and she don’t have any memories with Karun as mother. And says that she could not even hug Karun after learning that he is her son.

She tells him that she could not experience anything because of him. She cries. He asks her to not cry. She tells him that he took risk but Karun is not with them now. She asks him to not come in front of her again. She orders him to leave from her life. He gets shocked hearing this. She tells him that nothing left in between them. She says that she will remember Karun’s death whenever she sees Arjun.

Everyone comes there. Jagadish asks Arjun about Karun. Arjun says that they lost Karun and cries. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Dadi says that it must be misunderstanding. Kaashvi tells Dadi that Arjun is responsible for everything. She goes to hospital temple and asks God that why the latter did this with her. She cries. Aditya comes there and consoles her.

Mahima brings police there and asks police to arrest Kaashvi and Arjun for killing Karun. Dadi slaps Mahima. Mahima says that Kaashvi is not Karun’s mother. She adds that she brought up Karun so she is Karun’s mother. Ronak defends Arjun, Karun.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaashvi tells Ronak that she don’t want Arjun in her team. She refuses to sit with Arjun in the puja.

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