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Episode begins with Meena calls Preesha to join for Lohri puja. Preesha goes to her. Yuvraj sees Mukhiya and his men there. He thinks that this is the right time and he leaves from there. He goes to storeroom and makes Rudraksh unconscious. He video calls Mukhiya and shows Rudraksh to him. He tells him that Rudraksh is in storeroom only. Mukhiya and his men reaches there. Yuvraj asks Mukhiya that how is his surprise. Mukhiya praises him. Yuvraj asks Mukhiya that what the latter planning to do with Rudraksh. Mukhiya replies that he will finish Rudraksh’s story today. He tells his men to lock the storeroom from outside and set fire on. Yuvraj gets happy hearing that.

Saachi asks Ruhi to bring Rudraksh now because Mukhiya left the venue. Ruhi goes to storeroom and asks Rudraksh to wake up. Mukhiya’s man locks the door from outside and sets fire on storeroom. Ruhi tells Rudraksh that she knows that he is acting but she also said that he is not a good actor and asks him to get up. She splashes water on him but no response from him.

She realises that he is really unconscious and she decides to seek Preesha’s help. She tries to open the door but she could not. So she thinks to escape through window but gets afraid seeing fire. She starts screaming and calls Preesha for help. She asks Rudraksh to wake up. She informs him about fire and tells him that she is scared.

On the other hand, Preesha feels like Ruhi is in danger and she informs about it to Meena. She searches Ruhi and asks Saachi about Ruhi. Saachi thinks that she can’t tell the truth to her and lies to her that Ruhi must be here only.

Yuvraj thinks that now Preesha don’t have any other choice than coming to him. He tells Mukhiya that no one will get to know that they are behind this incident. They leaves from there. Saachi comes there and gets shocked seeing fire. Meanwhile, Preesha searches Ruhi.

Ruhi hugs Rudraksh to protect him. She asks him to wake up. He regains his consciousness. Saachi informs Preesha that Ruhi is in storeroom with Rudraksh and also about fire accident. Preesha and Yuvraj gets shocked hearing her. Preesha runs to her house and tries to enter the storeroom. Yuvraj scolds Mukhiya’s men for not checking the storeroom before locking from outside. Mukhiya says that it’s Ruhi who helped Rudraksh so let her die. Yuvraj tells him that the latter don’t know that who is Ruhi and he is not part of this plan. He says that he should save Ruhi. Rudraksh asks Ruhi that what’s happening here. He asks her that if she is fine. He asks her to not worry because he will find a way to escape.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh escapes from storeroom with Ruhi. He sees Preesha.

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