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The episode begins with Kaashvi telling Ronak that he was not ready to return the drugs to Kamal so she lost her son and Kamal escaped too. She asks him to keep the drugs with him safely and cries. Ronak tells her that they did not expect this will happen. He asks her to help him to catch Kamal to give justice to Karun. She tells him that she will lead Kamal’s case and she will arrest Kamal. He tells her that he expected this from her. And he appreciates her.

Arjun tells Ronak that he will support Kaashvi in the case. Kaashvi tells Arjun that no need of it because he did not support her when she needed his support. She says that Arjun has no connection with this case. She tells Ronak that she want Aditya in this case. Ronak gives permission to Kaashvi and leaves from there. Kaashvi asks Aditya to shift her things from Bajwa house to hotel. She says that she don’t want to go to Bajwa house and leaves from there.

Later, Arjun learns that Kaashvi asked Micky to bring Karun’s things to her. He tells Micky to give Karun’s favorite things to Kaashvi. He gives Karun’s favorite hoodie, shoes, toys and pillow to Micky. He cries. Micky consoles Arjun and leaves from there. After some time, Kaashvi cries seeing Karun’s things. She recalls the moments she spent with Karun.

Next day, Aditya asks Kaashvi that why she came to work today, when they lost Karun yesterday. Kaashvi tells him that she want to catch Kamal as soon as possible. She asks her team to find clue to catch Kamal. Arjun comes there. Kaashvi asks Arjun that why he came there. Arjun tells her that Ronak gave permission to him to work in this case. He says that Kamal case was his case since beginning and Karun is his son too.

She reminds him that she told him to not come in front of her. She says that she don’t want to work with Arjun because he is responsible for everything. He asks her to stop it. He says that he is understanding Kaashvi’s pain but Kaashvi is not understanding his pain. He adds that he will get justice for his son. She tells him that he can work in this case but he should not talk to her.

Later, everyone gathets to do puja for Karun. Mahima sits for the puja. Kaashvi slaps Mahima and drags Mahima from there. She scolds Mahima for sitting there. She says that she could not spend time with Karun because of Mahima. She warns Mahima to stay away from there. Priest asks Kaashvi to sit beside Arjun. Kaashvi refuses to sit near Arjun. She sits near Karun’s photo. Puja begins ( Title song plays in the backyard ).

After some time, Aditya tells Kaashvi that he got tip about Kamal. He asks her to trust him and leaves from there. He finds Karun alive. He hugs Kamal. Kamal tells Aditya that their plan worked. They laughs. Aditya recalls that how he know about Kaashvi and Arjun’s fake fight.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun learns that Karun is alive and he hugs Karun. Karun tells Arjun that he hate the latter.

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