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The episode begins with Kaashvi applies haldi to Isha. Arjun snatches the haldi bowl from Kaashvi. He goes to Mahima and applies haldi on her. He tells her that she is looking cute. He helps her to wear her earrings. Mahima tells him that she should apply haldi to Monty and Isha. He tells her that this function is incomplete without that. Mahima moves towards Monty and Isha. Kaashvi gets shocked seeing all this. She is about to fall down but Dadi holds the former.

Arjun asks Dadi that what he should do with remaining haldi. Kaashvi applies haldi on his face and hands. Mahima helps Arjun to wash his face. She says that Kaashvi ruined the face. Arjun tells her that it’s fine. He tells thanks to her. Kaashvi sees this. Karun asks them dance. Arjun dances with Mahima. Kaashvi gets upset seeing this.

Arjun takes Monty aside. He tells Monty that he is doing everything but Kaashvi is getting angry instead of getting jealous. He says that he is going to stop the plan. Monty tells Arjun that Kaashvi is getting jealous. Arjun hope Kaashvi confess her feelings.

Romila asks Mahima that what happened to Arjun suddenly. Mahima tells her that she told Arjun that she and Karun will stay away from Arjun if Arjun thinks they are wrong in Gurgaon trip matter then. She says that seems like Arjun is scared that she will separate Karun from Arjun.

Arjun gets angry seeing Aditya. Monty asks Arjun to not react. Dadi tells Aditya that he is late and they don’t have haldi. Aditya rubs his cheek with Kaashvi’s cheek. He tells Dadi that he played haldi with Kaashvi. Dadi blesses them.

Arjun gets angry seeing this. He goes Aditya and tells him that he promised to Mahima to he won’t leave her alone. He asks Aditya to eat because Mahima cooked his favorite dishes. He says that no one knows him better than Mahima. Aditya nods at Arjun. Arjun tells them that they should eat. Kaashvi says that she is not hungry. She tells Aditya that they should go home. Aditya tells her that he came now only.

Later, Monty says that food was really tasty. Romila says that Mahima arranged everything perfectly. Arjun places a kiss on Mahima’s hand. He says that only he can do this because he is Mahima’s husband. Mahima goes to the kitchen. Aditya goes to kitchen and asks her that what happened to Arjun. She tells him that Arjun fell for her again. He asks her to come to reality. He says that Arjun is doing all this to make Kaashvi jealous. She gets angry at Arjun hearing this.

Later, Arjun invites Aditya and Kaashvi for mehendi function. Kaashvi says that she has meeting so she can’t come. Monty convinces Kaashvi to come. Next day, mehendi ceremony begins. Arjun tells mehendi lady to write his name on Mahima’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Romila says that Kaashvi won’t get pregnant.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st March 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi gets jealous