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Episode begins with Vasudha shocks seeing Preesha’s dead body and asks about Mahima. Rudraksh says Mahima killed Preesha. She says that’s not possible. He says she doesn’t know her truth and says she was acting as a good person till now and she was deceiving them since beginning and says she left them because she wanted to escape from Saaransh’s responsibility and was using men’s for money. He reveals that she is behind Balraj’s murder and she is the one who kidnapped him.

She cries and says Mahima can’t do all this. Gopal says Mahima was that kind of person only and says Preesha told the truth of Mahima to him and he didn’t said anything to Vasudha and says he never thought Mahima will kill her own sister too one day and asks Preesha to get up. Rudraksh says Mahima can’t escape and says he will kill her.

Saaransh says he wants to go to Preesha. Mahima yells at him. One guy comes there. She asks him about fake passport of her and Saaransh and about London tickets. He says he arranged everything. She asks did he confirm Preesha’s death. He says in every channel her death news only airing and leaves from there. She switch on the TV and watches Preesha’s death news and asks Saaransh to watch and taunts her for her over confidence. She says tomorrow she will leave to London with Saaransh and will control Khurana empire from there and no one can do anything to her.

Ahana thinks she won’t say that she is happy that Preesha died and she just wanted Srinivasan sisters and Saaransh to leave from this house and her life and her wish got fulfilled today. Police inspector says they has to take Preesha’s dead body for postmortem.

Preesha calls Mahima and apologize to her for disturbing her. Mahima shocks hearing her and says it can’t be Preesha because she herself killed her. She thinks it would be Rudraksh’s work then decides to check her death. She prepares for back up plan before leaving from there. Hotel staff sees Mahima in news and sees her leaving the hotel and he calls Police.

Vasudha asks how can Mahima do this with Preesha and blames herself. Sharda consoles her. Gopal says Mahima choosed wrong path for her selfish reasons. Vasudha says she still can’t believe that Mahima can do all this and says Saaransh is her own son and how can she kidnap him. Sharda says Mahima did everything for money and reveals about Balraj’s will.

Mahima reaches hospital and checks Preesha’s dead body. She wonders who called her and shocks seeing Preesha alive. Rudraksh says Mahima’s game over now. Preesha recalls how she got saved.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha asks Mahima to surrender herself and asks about Saaransh. Mahima says she put time bomb near Saaransh and laughs.