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The episode begins with Sharda says Rudraksh would be angry on her. Preesha says he is just sad because he understands her so she need not to blame herself. She notices the injury on Sharda’s hand and wonders why she is hiding that from her. Principal tells Sharda that Rudraksh should wear uniform for online class.

Sharda says he will wear from next day. Rudraksh asks how she will arrange uniform in one day. He says he will look like cartoon wearing uniform so he won’t wear it. Preesha says if he doesn’t want to drop out from school then he should wear uniform. She checks online websites for uniform but doesn’t gets anywhere and asks him to help her. First he teases her for asking help then says he will call his designer and uniform will be ready in one hour. He doesn’t gets positive response from them too. Sharda says she will stitch uniform and asks them to arrange fabric. He asks she knows stitching.

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Sharda says she learned it before marriage and asks Preesha to help her. Preesha agrees to help her. Rudraksh and Preesha leaves from there to get fabric. Later Sharda stitches the uniform. Preesha praises her stitching and says when she can be self independent why she thinks she is weak. She asks why Sharda hiding that Balraj beated her. Sharda asks her to not tell to Rudraksh otherwise he and Balraj will fight again.

Rudraksh comes out wearing uniform. Everyone starts to laugh seeing him. He says he already told that he will look like a cartoon. Preesha says he is looking cute. He says he can even become cartoon for Saaransh. Ahana shocks seeing Rudraksh in uniform and asks how he arranged it. Balraj asks him to not wear uniform because everyone making fun of him for this and shows the online comments. He says his prestige and Rudraksh’s career everything ruined.

Preesha says half truth is dangerous than anything and that’s what now happening with Rudraksh so they has to inform everyone the real reason behind why he joined school then everyone will respect him instead of making fun of him. Rudraksh says whatever may happen but he won’t leave his studies.

Balraj thinks now he won’t listen Preesha and calls someone. Yuvraj and Rahul celebrates their victory. Rahul praises Yuvraj for leaking Rudraksh’s education information in media. Yuvraj says now bomb blasted on media soon it will blast on Rudraksh’s personal life. Rudraksh shocks seeing his torned uniform.

Ahana is the who did that but Rudraksh thinks Balraj did that to trouble him. He gets annoyed thinking now what he will wear. Preesha comes there and asks why he is not ready yet and standing still in towel. He shows his torned uniform to her and says someone deliberately did that. She asks who would have done that. He takes Balraj’s name. She shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Principal tells Ahana that Rudraksh attending the class wearing uniform