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Episode begins with Aditya tells Kamal that he planned to use Karun to make Arjun and Kaashvi in real. In the past, Aditya tells Kamal that Karun is Arjun and Kaashvi’s son so Kamal should kidnap Karun to take revenge on them. Kamal calls Aditya after kidnapping Karun. Aditya tells Kamal to call Arjun to abandoned place and kill Arjun there. Kamal refuses. He says that he is not slave of Aditya and says he will do what he wants to do. Aditya thinks that he can’t show his anger now. Kamal tells Aditya that he will ask his drugs for Karun.

In the present, Aditya tells Kamal that he knew Arjun won’t give real drugs to the latter. He says that Kaashvi was against Arjun’s plan so he took advantage of it. He praises Kamal for car blast plan. He laughs saying that he enjoyed seeing Arjun and Kaashvi like that.

In the past, Kamal asks Aditya that why the latter asked him to bring dummy of Karun. Aditya tells Kamal that they won’t give real Karun to Kaashvi and Arjun. He says that they will make Kaashvi and Arjun believe Arjun died. He orders Kamal to press the bomb remote after finding fake drugs. Kamal asks Aditya that what’s the use of it. He says that he won’t get his drugs and he will get arrested too. Aditya asks Kamal to stay with Karun for two days and escape from the country. He says that he will give drugs to Kamal.

In the present, Aditya tells Kamal that now Kaashvi will hate Arjun forever. Kamal asks Aditya that what about him. Aditya gives money, passport and tickets to Kamal. Kamal says that he want his drugs. Aditya says that Kamal will get his drugs. He notices that Karun is waking up. He points gun at Kamal and scolds the latter. Kamal says that Arjun refused to give drugs because Arjun don’t care about Karun.

Karun tells Kamal that Arjun is not like that. Kamal says that he has proof. He plays the recording in which Arjun tells Kamal to kill Karun, but Arjun won’t fulfill Kamal’s demands. Karun gets shocked hearing this. He asks how can Arjun say that. He says that Arjun don’t loves him. Aditya tells Kamal that he cares about Karun and he won’t let anyone hurt Karun. He shoots Kamal. He thinks that he want Kaashvi and Karun to hate Arjun.

Karun hugs Aditya and tells thanks to Aditya. Aditya tells Karun that he loves the latter. He tells his team about encounter of Kamal. He takes Karun from there. Later, Aditya arranges Kaashvi and Karun’s meeting. Kaashvi hugs Karun. She recalls the moments she spent with Karun ( Title song plays in the background ). Karun tells Kaashvi that Aditya saved him. Kaashvi tells thanks to Aditya and hugs him.

Arjun comes there and hugs Karun. Karun recalls the recording. He pushes Arjun and says that he hate the latter. He tells Arjun that the latter wanted him to die.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karun learns that Kaashvi is his mother. Jagadish asks Kaashvi and Karun to bring home.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th June 2024 Written Update: Aditya finds Karun alive