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Episode begins with Preesha asks Yuvraj that why he called her outside Keerthi’s room and what he wants to talk about her family. He says he wants to show her something. She says she won’t go inside and she should not come here by trusting him and was about to leave from there but he stops her and convinces her somehow.

They enters Keethi’s room, he says first he was also shocked when he saw that and opens the cupboard saying here is her truth. She says nothing is there. He shocks seeing the cupboard. When Sharda asked for Ahana’s help, Keerthi says she will do it and prepares tea for her. Sharda asks how she knows that she drinks tea without sugar.

Keerthi says Rudraksh told her about this. She thinks Rudraksh didn’t told her but she remember everything about her but Sharda forgot everything. Preesha says Yuvraj unnecessarily blaming Keerthi when she is the one who helped Rudraksh and warns him to not call her again. He shows the pictures he clicked yesterday. She shocks seeing the end of Khurana’s and cross mark on Sharda’s picture and asks what’s all this.

He says it’s clear that Keerthi wants to destroy Khurana’s and maybe wants to kill Sharda. She says she won’t let anything happen to her family and tells him to accompany her, they has to tell the truth to Rudraksh by showing these pictures then Keerthi can’t do anything and leaves from there, he gets surprised hearing her plan and follows her. Preesha tells Rudraksh that she wants to talk something important about their family.

He tells her to talk in front of Keerthi saying just their family is here. She hesitates to say and he asks her to not waste his time. She says Keerthi planning against Khurana’s and acting friendly with them which shocks Keerthi. He denies to believe her. She says she is telling the truth only and says Keerthi wants to destroy Khurana’s. He shouts at her and warns her to not utter a word against Keerthi. He asks what proof she has to prove her point. She calls Yuvraj.

Rudraksh mockingly says her lover too part of her drama. She says she is not doing any drama and asks Yuvraj to give his mobile. Yuvraj was moving towards Preesha with his mobile that time one waiter pours the juice on Yuvraj’s mobile by mistake. Yuvraj gets angry and yells at the waiter and says his mobile is not working.

Keethi recalls how she hired the waiter to pour the juice on Yuvraj’s mobile because she saw him and Preesha entering her room. She thinks she was planning this from years and no one can spoil her plan. Ahana asks what was in that pictures. Preesha explains what she saw and Keerthi interferes her and yells at her for blaming her. Balraj takes Keerthi’s side and scolds Preesha.

Rudraksh says Preesha wants to destroy Khurana’s not Keerthi. Later Yuvraj tells Preesha that they has to find proof against Keerthi.She says she is talking with him just for her family and leaves from there. He says Rudraksh treating her like a servant still she is tolerating him. Preesha gifts dress for Rudraksh in front of Saaransh so he could not able to deny her. But he comes out wearing Keerthi’s choice and she hugs him which shocks Preesha and Saaransh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh tells Rudraksh to dance with Preesha. Later He tells Rudraksh that Preesha is missing so they has to find her.