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The episode begins with Rudraksh tells Sonia to not drink too much from next time and tells her to take rest. Sonia enters her room and shocks seeing Sulochana there. Sulochana asks her that how is she feeling now. Sonia gets confused hearing her. Sulochana says to her that Sonia should try in acting instead of singing. She says to her that she knows that Sonia acted in front of Rudraksh to spend time with him. Sonia asks her that how Sulochana knows all this and pleads her to not about it to Rudraksh. Sulochana says to her that she won’t reveal the secret and leaves from there. Sonia wonders how Sulochana knows all this. Sulochana thinks to use Sonia as pawn.

Rudraksh gets mesmerized seeing Preesha and romance with her ( Tera ban jaunga song plays in the background ). He kissed her forehead. She receives message from Alisha and leaves from there saying that she has to go to the kitchen. She meets Alisha and introduces herself to Alisha. Alisha says to her that she never did something like this before. Preesha assures her saying that nothing will happen to Alisha and asks her to take Kabir to his room then she will bring Rudraksh there and shows Kabir’s picture to her.

Rudraksh announces to start the sangeet ceremony and it will begin with Ahana and Kabir’s dance performance. Sulochana says to Rudraksh that Kabir and Ahana looking really good while dancing together. He nods at her. She says to him that her dreams getting fulfilled one by one and she is happy that Ahana is going to be her daughter in law. He says to her that it’s just an beginning.

Kabir thinks to touch Ahana while dancing. Ahana warns him to not touch her. He says to her that he is just acting in front of the family. Preesha asks Waiter to give drink to Kabir. Rudraksh asks Preesha that why she is standing there alone and tells her to join others. She asks him that is he happy because he wanted this marriage to happen. And she is happy with his happiness.

Rudraksh praises Ahana and Kabir’s dance performance. Kabir drinks and Preesha notices that and informs Alisha that Kabir is near the bar. Saaransh introduces himself and announces Rudraksh and Preesha’s dance performance. Preesha says to him that she didn’t prepare for dance performance. Rudraksh drags her to the stage saying that they can enjoy. Saaransh praises Preesha and she gets emotional hearing him.

Preesha and Rudraksh dances on Gerua song. While dancing he informs her that they are leaving for honeymoon after Ahana and Kabir’s marriage. On the other hand, Alisha collides with Kabir deliberately and asks mobile charger from him. He takes her to his room and Preesha notices that and decides to wait for Alisha’s message.

Episode ends.

Precap – Khurana’s searches Kabir to cut the cake and moves towards his room.