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Episode begins with Preesha shows the torned uniform to Sharda. Sharda shocks seeing that and asks who did that. Preesha says they can’t even stitch the uniform again. Rudraksh says Balraj won and they lost it. Ahana tells Mishka that she torned Rudraksh’s uniform now he can’t wear uniform to attend online class. She says she can’t wait to see the pain on Preesha’s face.

Mishka says even she can’t miss to see that. Yuvraj gets happy knowing that Rudraksh cancelled his online concert. He says Rahul will be so happy with this good news. He calls Vasudha but Gopal picks her phone, without knowing that Yuvraj tells that everyone slamming Rudraksh in news but he is so worried about Preesha and Saaransh.

Gopal says he is alive to take care of their things he need not to worry about them. Yuvraj shocks hearing Gopal’s voice and asks about Vasudha. Gopal says she is busy with her dance class. Yuvraj says he is worried that how Preesha will handle this.

Gopal says she is strong enough to handle that and Rudraksh is famous celebrity so it’s not new for him too so both will handle it together, any third person need not to worry about them. He says if everyone gets to know about full truth then they will praise him and asks him to not waste time on these matters.

Ahana gets tensed and says classes would have started why Principal didn’t called her yet. She calls Principal and asks why she didn’t called her. Principal says Rudraksh attending the class wearing uniform. Ahana says that’s not possible and asks her to send his pictures.

Ahana and Mishka shocks seeing Rudraksh picture in uniform and they goes to his room to check it. They shocks seeing the uniform joined using sellotape. Ahana asks what happened to his uniform.

Preesha says Sharda stitched it perfectly but someone torned the uniform. She recalls how she came up with that idea. She and Sharda laughed at Rudraksh which make him angry. She asks him to not see his uniform instead he should concentrate on his books and his teacher.

Ahana says she cheated them by doing this. Preesha says she fulfilled the promise and says today they will stich one more uniform so no problem will come. Ahana thinks Preeta again flopped her plan and curses her in her mind. Preeta thinks Ahana seemed upset and she came to confirm something but what.

Rudraksh complaints that his neck is paining a lot. Preesha asks doesn’t he feel weird. He says he is roaming with this torned uniform so it’s weird only. She says one by one obstacles keep coming so obviously someone doing it deliberately to remove him from school. He says Balraj doing everything and was about to go from there to confront him. She stops him saying without proof they can’t blame him, they already made mistake once accusing him.

Balraj gets annoyed knowing there is no controversial news about Preesha. He scolds the private investigator saying he will do it by himself. Rudraksh puts cctv to catch the culprit. Balraj says how can he doubt his family members. He indirectly says Rudraksh may end up in danger because of Preesha. Preesha says truth should come out in front of everyone that’s why she suggested him about Cctv. Balraj thinks he have to stop Preesha. Preesha releases the clip telling the full truth about Rudraksh’s school admission. Rahul shows that clip to Yuvraj.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mishka tells Ahana that they should spoil his exam papers.