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Episode begins with Karun tells Arjun that he hate the latter. Arjun asks Karun that why the latter is saying like this. Karun says that Arjun refused to save him. He asks which parent does like that. He says that Mahima was right Arjun. He claims that Arjun is selfish. He adds that he is not important for Arjun. Arjun tells Karun that he said like that to confuse Kamal. Karun hugs Kaashvi. Kaashvi asks Arjun to stop forcing Karun. Arjun tells her that he is trying to make Karun understand. She tells him to accept he did wrong. She says that it’s Aditya who saved Karun life.

Arjun tells thanks to Aditya for saving Karun’s life. He asks Kaashvi to help him to spend time with Karun. Kaashvi refuses to help Arjun. She says that Karun don’t want that so she won’t force Karun. She tells him that he failed as father. She adds that she also don’t want to see Arjun. Arjun tells her that she became selfish. He says that he know Kaashvi is Karun’s mother, but he is Karun’s father.

Karun asks Kaashvi that whether she is his mother. Kaashvi tells Karun that she is his real mother and Mahima stole him when he was baby. He tells her that he felt connection seeing her. He calls her as mother and hugs her. She gets happy and cries ( Title song plays in the background ). Arjun thinks that he is happy Karun learnt Kaashvi’s truth. He tries to hug them. But Karun stops Arjun and says that he don’t trust Arjun. Karun adds that only Aditya and Kaashvi loves him. Kaashvi tells Arjun to leave from there. Arjun tells Kaashvi that she is doing wrong by separating him from Karun. He says that he won’t hesitate to fight against Kaashvi for Karun and leaves from there.

Aditya goes to mortuary and asks Kamal to get up. Kamal laughs. Aditya says that Kamal’s fake death separated Arjun and Kaashvi. He praises Kamal for his acting. Kamal asks what’s next. Aditya tells Kamal that he will set this building on fire and no one will learn Kamal’s dead body is missing. He executes his plan and leaves from there with Kamal.

Arjun enters his house. Mahima and Jagadish asks Arjun about Karun. Arjun tells Jagadish that Karun hate him and Karun don’t want to come home. Jagadish asks what exactly happened. Arjun tells everything to Jagadish. He cries. Mahima says that she will bring Karun. Jagadish warns her to stay away from Karun.

Jagadish takes Arjun inside. He asks Arjun to accept that the latter did wrong by risking Karun’s life. He tells Arjun to apologize to Kaashvi and Karun to save his family. He says that family should be Arjun’s priority, not duty. Arjun tells Jagadish that the latter is right.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaashvi tells in the court that she is getting married to Aditya in five days so she can get Karun’s custody.

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