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The episode begins with doctor tells Kaashvi that Aditya went into coma because of head injury. Kaashvi and Arjun leaves from there. Jagadish goes to buy medicines. Mahima tells Romila that Arjun and Kaashvi are hiding something for sure. She says that it’s impossible that brake did not work and Aditya failed to escape from the car. Romila agrees with her. Kaashvi blames herself for Aditya’s condition.

Arjun tells her that she is not responsible. He says that it was an accident and says Aditya deserves this. She tells him that law¬†would have punished Aditya if Aditya was fine then. She says that Aditya don’t deserve this and says everything is her mistake. Shanti overhears their conversation. She wonders whether they know about her and Aditya’s connection.

Kaashvi cries saying that Aditya could not escape because of handcuffs. Arjun tells her that it was not her mistake. She asks him that why he is behaving insensitive and where is his humanity. He tells her that Aditya is devil still he saved Aditya. Nurse gives Aditya’s personal things to Kaashvi. Shanti sees this. She thinks that Aditya’s phone has her and Aditya’s call records. She murmurs that she will get caught if Kaashvi and Arjun checked Aditya’s phone then. She decides to do something to save herself.

Ronak asks doctor that when Aditya will recover. Doctor says that he can’t say anything about it. Kaashvi tells doctor that she will stay with Aditya. Arjun takes Kaashvi aside and tells her that Aditya don’t deserve her concern. He suggests to give all the proofs to Ronak. He says that he will talk to Ronak.

Kaashvi tells him that she can’t arrest Aditya in this condition. He tells her that Aditya is criminal still. She tells him that they should wait until Aditya recover. He tells her that her guilty is favoring Aditya. She tells him that she won’t arrest Aditya now. She says that she know what she is doing as senior civil service officer and leaves from there. He tells himself that he has to do something to expose Aditya.

Shanti meets Kaashvi. She tells Kaashvi that Receptionist called the latter to sign on few documents. Kaashvi leaves from there. Shanti decides to delete the call records from Aditya’s phone. She hides hearing a noise. Arjun enters the room and takes Aditya’s phone. He notices an unsaved number. He calls on that number. Shanti disconnects the call and switch off the phone. He notices that messages had been deleted. He leaves from there. Shanti thinks that Arjun can’t catch her.

Doctor suggests to take Aditya to house and hire nurse. Kaashvi decides to take Aditya to house and take care of Aditya. She says that she is Aditya’s wife and she has to fulfill her responsibility.

Later, Mahima tells Romila that she should throw Shanti out of the house. She says that she has a plan. Romila asks them that whether anyone saw her gold necklace. She says that she searched everywhere except Shanti’s room. Shanti says that she is not theif. Romila and Mahima searches in Shanti’s room. But they finds nothing. Shanti shows them a necklace and asks whether they are searching this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun scolds Kaashvi for hiding her pregnancy from him.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th May 2024 Written Update: Aditya goes into coma