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Episode begins with Arjun carries Kaashvi to the car ( Title song plays in the background ). Police takes Kaashvi to the hospital. Karun asks Arjun about Kaashvi. Arjun hides from him about the truth. Karun tells him that Kaashvi is brave and she saved him many times so he want to thank her. Arjun nods at him. Birju steals police officer’s gun and escapes from there. In the hospital, doctor tells officers to wait outside. Police inspector learns that Birju escaped. He scolds his team.

Mahima tells thanks to God for sending Karun back to her. Romila’s husband says that Arjun deserves credit. Mahima takes Karun inside. Jagdish asks Arjun that if the latter is fine. Arjun decides to not tell the truth about Kaashvi.

Doctor tells Dadi that Kaashvi is in critical condition and Kaashvi is struggling to breathe. Dadi asks God that why Kaashvi is facing so much problems. She says that she won’t do puja if anything happened to Kaashvi then.

Arjun enters Kaashvi’s cabin and tells her that nothing will happen to her. He tells her that he searched her for the last 5 years and he never thought he will meet her like this. He says that this is destiny that Kaashvi saved Karun. He apologizes to her for Mahima’s matter. He recalls Mahima’s incident. He tells her that he still don’t remember how that happened. He says that he is hurt for betraying Kaashvi. And says that till now he live in the hope that he will meet her one day. He informs her that he passed his civil exam. He asks her to wake up. He adds that she can’t leave him and cries.

Kaashvi struggles to breathe. Arjun goes to call the doctor. He tells doctor to see Kaashvi. Doctor examines Arjun and says that Kaashvi is stable now. She says that it’s a miracle. Arjun tells thanks to her. He is about to enter the room but Dadi drags him from there. Dadi asks him that what rights he has to meet Kaashvi. She says that Arjun is selfish and she did not forget his betrayal. She adds that Bajwas only gave pain to Kaashvi.

Arjun tells her that he want to apologize to Kaashvi. He says that he searched Kaashvi till now. He pleads her to not stop him. She reminds him that he betrayed Kaashvi. She says that Kaashvi went to Bajwas house and saw Arjun getting married which broke her. She adds that they left the city because of that. She sends him from there.

Kaashvi tells Dadi that she felt like she saw Arjun. Dadi tells her that she sent Arjun from there. Kaashvi thinks that she don’t want to involve in Arjun’s matter. Dadi tells her that they will leave the city. Later, Kaashvi learns that Birju escaped and she can’t leave the city.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima uses Karun to solve the problem.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2023 Written Update: Arjun sees Kaashvi