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Episode begins with Preesha feels disappointed because Rudraksh didn’t wear the dress she gifted him instead he choosed to wear Keerti’s choice. Saaransh gets angry on Rudraksh and tells him that he won’t talk to him.

Rudraksh says that dress was torned one and asks how can he wear a torn dress. Saaransh shocks hearing him and Rudraksh recalls how he noticed Yuvraj’s call on Preesha’s mobile so after she left, he himself tore the dress saying she can’t betray him anymore, he won’t let her do that. He comes to reality and Saaransh says they brought new dress only.

Rudraksh says nowadays easily people betrays others and it was Keerti who saved him at the end moment by bringing this dress. He sends Saaransh to Sharda. Preesha thinks he would have tore that dress just to hurt her. Keerti says everyone enjoying and asks Rudraksh to dance with her. He leaves from there with her. Preesha comes out angrily and Yuvraj tells her that he found few shocking details about Keerti. He says she was in mental asylum for 10 years .

While dancing Keerti tells Rudraksh that she doesn’t respect Preesha anymore and she feels she doesn’t seems like a person how she portrays in front of others. He says she is right about Preesha and it took him time to realize that.She says if she was in his place then she would have get rid of her instead of keeping her beside.

Yuvraj says last year Keerti run away from mental asylum, she is very dangerous they has to stop her before that mad girl does something.She says she has to tell this truth to Balraj and Rudraksh. He stops her and asks her to recall what happened last time when she tried to expose Keerti and who will believe her now. She says she needs proof and tells him to collect information about that hospital and goes inside.

Rudraksh was searching Preesha and Keerti notices that and says they should stop dancing because Preesha is not here and he is dancing with her just to hurt her.He says it’s not like that and starts to dance with her and he notices Yuvraj with Preesha. Yuvraj smirks at him and tells something to Preesha before leaving from there.

Saaransh takes Preesha to Rudraksh and tells him to dance with Preesha saying she is his wife. Rudraksh says Saaransh is right but she was busy with others. Saaransh takes Keerti with him so his parents can dance with each other. While dancing Preesha gets hurt in her hand because of Rudraksh.

When he tried to look at her hand, she stopped him saying he need not to show his fake concern towards her. She leaves from there and Yuvraj tells her that he got the information about the mental asylum and they leaves from there to collect information about Keerti. Vasudha calls Preesha, but Preesha cuts the call. Saaransh realises that Preesha is missing and informs that to Rudraksh and they searches her. Yuvraj and Preesha reaches the mental asylum and meets the Manager.

Yuvraj says he usually never leaks the details of the patients but he explained him that their family is in danger so he agreed to help them. Rudraksh tells Keerti that Preesha is missing. Keerti says Yuvraj also. Preesha shocks knowing Keerti’s treatment is incomplete she is still mentally disturbed person and her anger is biggest problem and she was admitted there after her mother’s death. Yuvraj says it has something to do with her mother’s death. Keerti tells Rudraksh that Yuvraj and Preesha together and her friend tracked their location.

Episode ends.

Precap – Keerti says she won’t let Preesha reveal her truth in front of others. Preesha dances with Yuvraj which irks Rudraksh.