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The episode begins with Yuvraj was about to stab Rudraksh but stops hearing Preesha’s voice. Preesha enters Rudraksh’s room and gets worried seeing him not responding to her and tries to wake him from his sleep.

Rudraksh wakes up and says he is fine but feeling dizzy even though he drank just one glass. He asks her to let him take rest. She tells him that she came to him because her parents were leaving so asked for him.

He tries to stand to go with her, but falls back on bed. Seeing his condition she says she will handle her parents and leaves from there. Once Preesha leaves the room Yuvraj comes out from his hiding spot. Preesha tells her parents that Rudraksh taking rest. Vasudha tells her to convey her blessings.

Gopal gives one pen to her to give it to Rudraksh. She shocks seeing that pen and says he never gave that pen to her but now giving it to Rudraksh. Gopal says Rudraksh did so much for her and Saaransh that’s why he is giving it to his son.

Yuvraj tries to stab Rudraksh again and stops hearing Preesha’s foot steps and hides behind the curtain. She wakes Rudraksh and tells him to drink the lemonade which she brought for him.

She makes him drink it and he asks did she came before too. He says he feels better now and asks about her parents. He gets disappointed for not meeting them. She says they gave their blessings to him before they leaves and Gopal even think him as his son.

Rudraksh gets happy hearing her and Yuvraj curses Gopal. She gives the pen to Rudraksh, he gets emotional and says Balraj never cared about him he just cared about money. He says Balraj never talked to him with love and he always had his own benefits behind doing anything for him.

She says Balraj wants to see him happy, his happiness matters for him that’s why he arranged this big party. He laughs at her saying she is so innocent and says Balraj has his own benefits that’s why he arranged this party and he can earn more money because of these guests.

She says he may have any painful past that’s why he is like this. Rudraksh asks who doesn’t have past but not everyone behaves the way his father did. He says Balraj spoiled many new talented singers career so they could not become competition to him.

He says whenever he had his concert his father used to cancel all other concerts. He says Balraj gives bribe and he is the one behind Rahul’s failure. Yuvraj records everything in his mobile.

Rudraksh says he is talented and wanted to become rock star because of his talent solely but he hates himself for his father’s behavior.

He says he tried to stop him but he never listened him and cared about his feelings. She tells him to not think about it today saying it’s a big day for him so he should enjoy it. He says he learned to be happy from her only and she and Saaransh completes his life.

He was about to confess his love but Sharda interrupts them and says guests asking for them. Rudraksh sleeps again, Sharda and Preesha leaves from there to attend the guests.

Yuvraj tells Rudraksh that he doesn’t want to become a murderer by killing him instead he gonna use his confession video against him. He thanks God for giving this gift and thinks Rahul will be so happy seeing this video. He saves the video in Preesha’s mobile so when it goes viral everyone can blame her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rahul gets happy knowing about the video. Rudraksh confesses his love to Preesha and gets slapped by her. He sees Preesha and Rahul together.