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Episode begins with Preesha tells him to say thanks if he wants to instead of asking unnecessary questions. She says he has just one good quality that is his eyes speaks. She asks him to says thanks instead of staring her. He says his eyes speaking according to her so asks her to listen that.

They stares each other, he thanks her for uploading the clip saying now everyone started to support him in social media and they are praising him too. She says he deserves that and she needs to thanks him for the decision he took for Saaransh. He asks her to say thanks because her eyes is not speaking. She says not everyone can read the eyes. He asks her to teach him to how to read the eyes. He comes closer to her, she shows the book saying first he needs to study this book later he can read the eyes.

He says it’s so difficult, she helps Saaransh in studies and who will help him. She says she will help him and they will start with maths because he is so weak in that subject. She starts to teach him but he concentrates on her and thinks she has some magic that she understands him very well and he too keep thinking about her always.

Preesha gets a message saying that person knows Saaransh’s truth and soon Saaransh will get to know the truth of his birth. She wonders who is that unknown person when no one knows the truth other than her parents. She gets worried thinking Saaransh should not know about this and drops the mobile unintentionally.

He asks why she seems tensed. She lies to him saying that message came from hospital about patient so she has to make a call and leaves from there. He shouts saying everything will be alright she need not to worry. She thinks she can’t let Saaransh know about his birth truth.

Saaransh tells Preesha that he studied many things in advance because of her and she is world’s best mother. She says she won’t let anyone hurt him and takes him in her embrace.

He asks her to keep hugging him like this saying with her super hug he is becoming super boy (Yeh hai chahatein title song plays in background). She gets emotional and her eyes gets teary. He teases her saying she is behaving like Vasudha.

Rudraksh asks Saaransh to help him in his science project saying he is not understanding that how to start. Saaransh says they are in same school but not in same class, he is in 2nd standard and Rudraksh is 8th standard student.

Ahana says Preesha saved Rudraksh again. Mishka says she already told that Preesha is capable of many things. She suggests her to spoil Rudraksh’s homework. Ahana praises Mishka’s plan.

Mishka says this time she will excute the plan. Rudraksh tells Preesha about his project. Preesha says they can start in next day and it will be finished in two days. Rudraksh mockingly says he has to submit the next day. She shocks hearing him.

Saaransh says Rudraksh forgot about his project. Rudraksh says in that uniform thing he totally forgot it. Preesha and Saaransh starts to help Rudraksh in his project. They shares some happy moments while working for Rudraksh’s project. They finishes the project. Rudraksh dramatically says what will happen to him without Preesha and was about to hug her, but she pushes him.

Saaransh says she hugs and kisses him forcefully then why she is not allowing Rudraksh to hug her. Rudraksh says this is cheating and hugs her again. She says she even beats Saaransh. Later Saaransh shows the message Preesha got and asks why she lied to him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh shows the damaged project to Preesha. Ahana slaps Mishka.