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The episode begins with Shanti says that she already know Romila and Mahima will put the blame of stealing this necklace. Mahima says that Shanti stole the necklace and now acting like this. Romila agrees with Mahima. She says that she will call the police. Shanti asks them to call the police. She says that she has proof to prove her claims. She shows the video in which Romila and Mahima are hiding the necklace under Shanti’s bed. She recalls that how she recorded this video.

Arjun scolds Romila and Mahima. He says that he will get divorce from Mahima for sure. He tells Mahima to apologize to Shanti. Shanti says that she will leave this job. Arjun apologizes to her on behalf of Mahima. Shanti tells him that they may try to do something against her again. Jagadish says that Shanti can leave if she is not comfortable then. He thinks that he don’t trust Shanti in Karun’s matter. Shanti thinks that she was waiting for this chance. She goes to Kaashvi house and tells her everything. She asks Kaashvi that whether she can work there. She says that she will take care of Aditya and Kaashvi. Kaashvi tells Shanti to go inside and freshen up. Shanti thinks that she has to find the proofs which Aditya has against her.

Romila tells Mahima to think something to win Arjun and Karun’s heart. Mahima tells her that she has a plan. Isha gives a parcel to Mahima and leaves from there. Romila asks what is inside the parcel. Mahima puts bed bugs in her bed. She says that she has to sleep in Arjun’s bed if her bed has bugs then.

Later, Mahima screams in pain. Everyone comes there. Mahima shows the bed bugs to them. She says that she can’t stay in that room. She tells Arjun that she will stay in his room. Karun tells Arjun that he can’t stay with Mahima. Arjun says that Karun is uncomfortable so Mahima can sleep in his room tonight. He tells Karun that they will sleep in Jagadish room. He adds that he will call pest control tomorrow and leaves from there. Romila tells Mahima that the latter’s plan flopped.

Next day, Shanti sends Nurse to the kitchen. She searches proofs against her but finds nothing. Nurse returns. Later, Shanti reaches the market. Kaashvi follows Shanti to help Shanti. She gets shocked seeing Shanti with Rimi. Rimi hugs Shanti. She asks Shanti that why the latter called her there. Shanti says that she did not call Rimi. Kaashvi goes to them. Rimi runs from there. Kaashvi asks Shanti that how the latter know Rimi. Shanti says that she don’t know Rimi. Kaashvi asks Shanti to not lie. Shanti says that she really don’t know Rimi. Kaashvi wonders why Shanti is lying to her. She pretends like she trust Shanti. She decides to find out how Shanti knows Rimi.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun scolds Kaashvi for hiding her pregnancy from him.

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