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Episode begins with Venky tells himself that thanks to Preesha that he got saved otherwise Rudraksh was adamant to prove that he recovered completely and he should be more careful with him from now on. Rudraksh goes to Preesha and apologizes to her. She tells him that he knows that how much she loves Venky still he thought Venky lying and he hurt her by doubting Venky. She says to him that he has no idea that how much she cried for Venky on every Raksha Bandhan day.

She asks him that why Venky will hide that he recovered completely. He tells her that Venky is important for him too because he is her brother and his intention was not wrong. She gets convinced and hugs him. He thinks that he still feels that Venky lying to them and he also understood that Venky is her weakness and he don’t want to hurt her by talking about him.

Next day, Preesha gives new dress to Srinivasan’s. She gets emotional when Venky show ‘Rakhi’ to her. He praises her and ties it on her hand saying that it’s her who protects everyone. Later, Mishka likes the decorations. She tells Sharda that still she could not believe that she is getting married. She thanks Rudraksh for everything. Then she realises that she didn’t receive her Mehndi outfit still. She does not likes the red lehenga and tells them that she wanted pink one only.

After some time, Sharda asks Mishka to get ready for Mehndi ceremony. Rudraksh brings pink lehenga and Mishka gets excited and thanks him. She asks him that how he arranged it. He tells her that he ordered from her favourite stylist. Preesha asks her to get ready fast. Venky sees them smiling.

Mishka gets ready in her room. She leaves the room to pick the call. When she returns she notices her lehenga and wonders that who tored it. Everyone comes to her room after hearing her scream. Mishka explains that what happened. Rudraksh tells them that someone wants to get revenge from Mishka otherwise who would do something like this and he will find out the culprit for sure. Preesha agrees with him.

Mishka cries asking that what is she going to wear now. Preesha tells her that she can understand her but the latter don’t have any other choice than wearing this red lehenga. Sharda asks Mishka to wear it for Param’s sake. Rudraksh asks Mishka that the latter should not let that culprit win. Mishka nods at him.

Venky recalls that how he made call to Mishka so she can leave the room and he acted like he could not hear her and when she left the room, he tored the lehenga saying that he won’t let her smile. He thinks that it’s just a beginning and he will ruin all the ceremonies and smriks.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh checks CCTV footage.