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Episode begins with Preesha dreams Saaransh leaving her saying she lied to him so he hates her. Rudraksh shows Preesha his damaged project. She shocks seeing the model and asks how it happened. He tells her to ask who did that and shows her the cctv clip saying her idea was perfect that’s why they caught the culprit. He shouts Mishka’s name and everyone wakes up hearing his shout.

Balraj asks why he is shouting like this. Ahana says it’s early morning so it’s obvious that Mishka is sleeping. He asks her to wake Mishka. Sharda asks him that what Mishka did. Ahana asks him to tell directly instead of shouting. He shows the cctv camera clip of Mishka damaging his project model. Everyone shocks seeing that.

Mishka comes there and asks why Rudraksh was shouting. She asks what are they doing together in this early morning and says Preesha would have created any drama as usual. Ahana slaps her and asks how can she behave this much cheap.

Mishka asks what she did. Ahana says everything recorded in cctv. Mishka shocks hearing her. Ahana says it’s useless to tell her anything. Mishka cries and Ahana asks her to leave the house after apologizing to Rudraksh.

Ahana drags her out. Mishka reaches Rudraksh and apologizing to Rudraksh saying her father also in jail, she have no one in jail now. She begs him to him give one last chance and cries. Preesha gets surprised seeing Mishka like that and Rudraksh feels bad. He forgives her and says she can stay in their house.

Ahana says she doesn’t deserve to stay in their house. He says Mishka realized her mistake and she should not repeat this that’s it. He tells it was Preesha’s idea to put cctv camera to catch the culprit, now they can decide who is family and who is outsider. Preesha and Rudraksh stares each other. Ahana curses Preesha in mind and thinks how to win against her.

Preesha asks Mishka to tell why she did that. Balraj asks how can she asks that and says Rudraksh was supposed to marry Mishka but left her in marriage hall to marry Preesha. He says every wrong things happening because of her.

Rudraksh mocks him and takes Preesha from there (Title song plays in background). Ahana apologize to Mishka and says she didn’t had any other choice than slapping her because she caught red handed by Rudraksh. She says cctv camera was Preesha’s idea so she will take the revenge.

Preesha calls Vasudha from new number and asks her to save it. Vasudha asks why suddenly she bought new number. Preesha thinks Vasudha will get worried if tells her about message. She says few problem was keep occurring in her old sim that’s why she bought new one.

She shocks reading blackmailer’s message that Saaransh is illegitimate child. She calls the Blackmailer and pleads him to leave Saaransh. Blackmailer says Saaransh will get to know the truth of his birth and cuts the call.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha gets to know that someone blackmailing Preesha.