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Episode begins with Param compliments Mishka and tells her that red is his favourite color. She tells him that she was not about to wear this dress and she thanks Preesha for convincing her to wear it. Rudraksh drags Preesha aside and asks her to concentrate on her groom. He talks about their mehndi ceremony and tells her that they should marry every year. She tells him that, that’s a stupid idea because they has marriage anniversary to celebrate. He takes security guard to upstairs.

Mehndi ceremony begins. Ladies discuss that they need someone from Param’s family to begin the ritual. Vidhi tells them that she will apply Mehndi on Mishka first on behalf of her family side. Everyone smiles hearing her. Vidhi applies Mehndi on Mishka’s hand. Venky gets irritated seeing Mishka’s smile. He takes the knife he used to tore Mishka’s dress and puts it in the sweet box and decides to throw it in dustbin.

Security guard informs Rudraksh that only designer and make up artist came. Rudraksh thinks that someone from family would be behind it. He asks him to collect whole day CCTV footage. He goes downstairs and thinks that she would have wrote his name on her Mehndi. He asks her that why she didn’t apply Mehndi yet. She tells him that she is busy so she can’t apply now and leaves from there. He drags her aside again and tells her that he want see Mehndi on her hand. She tells him that she knows that he wants to see his name on her hand.

Venky throws that sweet box in the dustbin. Preesha wonders that where Rudraksh went suddenly. She sees him laughing with many girls and she gets jealous. She asks him that what is he hiding in his hand. He tells her that he have gift for his special person. She asks him to show it. He shows his hand to her. She gets surprised seeing ‘Rusha’ on his hand. She gets emotional and writes ‘Rusha’ on her hand.

Security guard takes Rudraksh from there saying that footage is ready. Rudraksh watches the CCTV footage. Servant gives sweet box to Rudraksh which has scissors and he removes Mishka’s dress piece from it. He watches kitchen footage and sees Venky throwing that sweet box in the dustbin. He wonders that why Venky ruined Mishka’s dress. He goes downstairs and takes Venky with him. He shows the CCTV footage and sweet box. Venky tells him that he throw that box because that was empty.

Rudraksh tells him that there was scissors in that box and asks him that why the latter tored Mishka’s dress. He decides to tell everything to Preesha. Venky asks him that will Preesha believe the latter. He asks him that can the latter prove that he tored Mishka’s dress. Rudraksh understands that Venky is not naive and apologizes to him. He understands that Venky using Preesha’s emotions. Venky thinks that Rudraksh can’t stop him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh gets Venky’s report to prove his recovery.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd November 2021 Written Update: Venky ruins Mishka’s Mehndi outfit