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Episode begins with Mahima says she told Bhuvan to kill Balraj and she just used him for her benefits and how can she leave him. He says he is still alive so he will do the same thing which she did with him. She pushes him lightly and asks how can he destroy her when he can’t even act like Bhuvan properly. He shocks hearing her. She says he may wonder how she knows that she is talking to Rudraksh not Bhuvan and says Bhuvan can’t say ‘exactly’ word correctly but right now he did.

Preesha comes there and says Mahima is smart definitely that’s why she never leaves any proof for her crimes but today that didn’t happen. Mahima says today Preesha proved that she is her younger sister and praises her plan. She gets confused suddenly and asks who taught Bhuvan’s acting to Rudraksh because Bhuvan died already.

Preesha tells her plan to Rudraksh, Ahana and Bhuvan. She says Rudraksh has to meet Mahima as Bhuvan and he has to make sure that Mahima confesses her crimes. She says they needs Bhuvan’s help and asks will he help them. Bhuvan says she gave new life to him and he can do anything for her. She asks him to teach his behaviour to Rudraksh.

Preesha tells Mahima that she saved Bhuvan’s life. Mahima shocks hearing her. Preesha says now Bhuvan knows Mahima’s truth so he is ready to give statement to Police against her. She says she already recorded everything so even Mahima can’t escape now. Ahana comes there with Police. Preesha says she has so many proofs now against Mahima and says she already told her that truth wins always and asks Police to arrest Mahima. She says now Mahima lost it and she can’t escape and asks her to surrender herself to Police.

Police was about to arrest Mahima but she escapes from there. Mahima says says she will win and no one can catch her. Rudraksh and Police follows her. They notices gun on Mahima’s hand. Preesha and Ahana asks Rudraksh to stop the car but he refuses to listen them. Mahima shoots and escapes from there. Police inspector confirms that everyone is fine.

Mahima says Preesha trapped her so she won’t leave her. She reaches one hotel and books room. She disguises herself and says now Preesha can’t find her and says she knows what is Preesha’s weakness so she is going to use that against her. Preesha asks Police inspector that did he got any information about Mahima. He says they will catch Mahima soon and asks them to trust him. She asks now what will happen to Rudraksh. He says Mahima and Bhuvan confessed everything so Rudraksh can go home.

Preesha says Mahima may use Saaransh and calls Sharda and tells her to take care of him until she returns. Mahima reaches Khurana mansion and makes Saaransh unconscious.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha pleads Mahima to leave Saaransh.