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Episode begins with Kaashvi’s lawyer tells judge that Mahima stole the Karun from Kaashvi due to Mahima’s love story with Arjun. He says that Kaashvi stayed away from Karun till now so she deserves full custody of Karun. He adds that Mahima deserves punishment. Arjun’s lawyer tells judge that Mahima did Karun’s upbringing and Mahima has mother bond with Karun. Kaashvi’s lawyer tells judge that Karun and Mahima applied for divorce so how can single father handle Karun.

Mahima’s lawyer informs judge that Mahima and Arjun withdraw the divorce application and they will stay together to give good upbringing to Karun. He says that Kaashvi is working woman and how can she give good upbringing to Karun as single mother. Kaashvi tells him that she is getting married to Aditya after 5 days. She says that it’s Aditya saved Karun from goon and Karun loves Aditya so much. She reveals that Karun gets panic attacks seeing Arjun and she want to keep Karun safe. Judge says that he will announce the results after 3 days.

Arjun asks Kaashvi that whether she is really getting married to Aditya. Kaashvi tells him that this time marriage will be real. She says that Arjun continued his marriage with Mahima. He tells her that he is doing all this for Karun. She tells him that she is also doing all this for Karun. He tells her that she is betrayer. He says that he hate himself for loving Kaashvi. He adds that he won’t let Kaashvi snatch Karun from him. She tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do but she will get Karun’s custody at any cost.

In the jail, Aditya’s mother misses Aditya. She learns that Nitya Bajwa is her new cell mate. Nitya notices her cell mate has fever and she tells about it to jailer. She learns that her cell mate knows Kaashvi.

Jagadish asks Arjun that why the latter won’t divorce Mahima. Arjun tells Jagadish that he need Mahima to win Karun’s custody case. Mahima tells Jagadish that Kaashvi is trying to separate Karun from them. Jagadish tells her to keep quiet. He tells Arjun that the latter and Kaashvi loves each other. Arjun tells Jagadish that that’s past. He informs Jagadish that Kaashvi will get married to Aditya to win Karun’s case. He says that he won’t let Kaashvi win.

Dadi tells Kaashvi to not marry Aditya because the latter loves Arjun only. Kaashvi says that she don’t care about her happiness. She tells Dadi that she is doing all this for Karun’s safety. She adds that she don’t want to lose Karun.

Kamal says that his pain is keep increasing. He calls Aditya but no response from other side. He decides to go to hospital and screams for help. Kaashvi hears a noise and wonders from where it’s coming. She goes to storeroom.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nitya tells Arjun that Aditya is criminal. Arjun finds Kamal.

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