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Episode begins with Mahima’s friend tells Mahima that the latter has to reach the house to perform ritual. Intoxicated Mahima refuses to leave. Mahima’s friend tells Pradyumna to drop Mahima at house and she leaves the club. In the hospital, Samrat caresses Kaashvi’s forehead who is unconscious. He says that he don’t have any complain because he got everything now ( Title song plays in the background ). He tells Nayantara that he can’t explain in words how happy he is. He says that Kaashvi is fighter like Nayantara. Nayantara tells him that Kaashvi is like him too. And Kaashvi had been reminded her about Samrat.

Kaashvi regains her consciousness and she asks Nayantara that if the latter is fine. Nayantara assures her daughter that she is fine. Samrat apologizes to Kaashvi and Nayantara. Nayantara tells Samrat and Kaashvi to forget everything. Kaashvi asks them that what changed suddenly. Samrat tells her that Nayantara gave precious gift to him.

Arjun comes there and he scolds Kaashvi. He hugs her and asks her to not do like that again. He says that he talked to doctor about Kaashvi’s discharge so they are going to house now. Samrat says that he is glad Kaashvi is fine and leaves from there. Arjun wonders that how Samrat changed suddenly.

After some time, Nayantara and Arjun brings Kaashvi to house. Samrat follows them. Maaji gets worried seeing Kaashvi’s injury. Nayantara assures her that Kaashvi is fine. She goes out to pay for taxi. She notices Samrat and gets worried. She thinks that she can’t talk to Samrat now. And she goes inside.

Romila lies to Nayantara that Mahima is sleeping. She sees Pradyumna bringing Mahima. Romila tells Pradyumna that she will handle Mahima. Samrat sees everything. He decides to talk to Pradyumna later because he has to talk to Nayantara.

Romila and her husband puts Mahima on the bed. He asks Romila that why she is helping Mahima. She tells him that Mahima is planning to trap Pradyumna so they should support Mahima in this. He tells her that Nayantara won’t agree for Mahima and Pradyumna’s marriage. She tells him that Mahima won’t care about others opinions. And they can take advantage of that. They plans to snatch the store from Nayantara.

Later, Nayantara tells Mahima to get up. She notices that Mahima is drunk. She wonders that how ritual will happen now. On the other hand, Nitya welcomes the guests. She gets emotional seeing Arjun in kurta. She tells him to tell the details about renovation to carpenter. Maaji gets shocked seeing Mahima in short dress. She also learns that Mahima is drunk. She says that they will face insult due to Mahima. Kaashvi comes there. Maaji says that Kaashvi will perform the ritual.

Episode ends.

Precap – Maaji says that Kaashvi will wear veil. Romila realises that Kaashvi is performing the ritual.

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