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Episode begins with Vasudha asks Venky that is he feeling better.Venky tells her about his headache. He thinks that he won’t let Rudraksh expose him. He recalls that how he learnt that Rudraksh got the original report from hospital staff and he asks him to leave the city for few days.

Rudraksh suggests that they should call Dr Radha. Gopal and Preesha agrees with him. Venky stops Rudraksh from calling Dr Radha saying that he is fine now and he forgot to take his medicines in happiness. He asks them to not call Dr Radha. Rudraksh tells him that Dr Radha will do normal check up that’s it. Preesha calls Dr Radha.

After some time, Dr Radha examines Venky and informs others that Venky is totally fine and he just need to get some rest and leaves the room. Rudraksh follows her and informs her about Venky’s fake report. She asks him that why her assistant will do something like that. She learns that her assistant is on his leave. She tells Rudraksh that they will take Venky’s tests again. Venky sees them and wonders that what are they talking about.

Preesha plays with Saaransh and Venky. Mishka comes there and asks her to help to select sandal for sangeet ceremony. She takes her to a room. Preesha selects sandal for Mishka and the latter likes it. Venky sees that.

Later, Rudraksh records Preesha when she is getting ready. She asks him that what is he doing. He tells her that he will see this recording when she is not around him. She tells him that she will be with him always. He tells her that she started going to hospital so he will miss her. Saaransh misunderstands that they are fighting and asks Rudraksh to hug Preesha and he records them. He asks Rudraksh to change the dress because Preesha looking so pretty.

Mishka gets ready. Venky tells her that Sharda calling her. He stops her from wearing sandal by making an excuse. Saaransh records everyone. Rudraksh asks Preesha that how is he looking. She teasingly tells him that now he is looking like her husband. He tries to stop her from leaving and breaks the hook of her blouse. He asks her to hug him and he will take her to their room then she can change the dress. He hugs her and they moves towards their room. Saaransh records them. Rudraksh picks Preesha and takes her to their room. Venky breaks Mishka’s sandal then fixes it using fevicol.

Saaransh and Vidhi becomes the host of sangeet ceremony. They announces Rudraksh and Preesha’s dance performance. Rudraksh and Preesha dances on “Wah wah Ramji” song. Everyone claps for them. Then Sharda, Vaaudha and Gopal dances with kids. Venky goes upstairs and Rudraksh notices that and decides to follow him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh sees the recording. He questions Mishka about Venky.

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