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Episode begins with Yuvraj tells Preesha that he didn’t push Keerti. She asks him to tell the Police inspector that he deleted the CCTV footage and also met Keerti after Rudraksh left the terrace. He denied to say anything to Police inspector saying Keerti’s father is politician and no one will believe him too. She says they will believe him because he is telling the truth. He says Rudraksh also innocent, he didn’t kill Keerti but who is believing him. She says if he won’t tell then she will tell them. He says he won’t support her instead he will say that she is lying to save her husband and leaves from there.

She says he showed his true colors again that how selfish he is and says to prove Rudraksh’s innocence she needs proof and goes to the terrace to collect the proof. She notices something and wonders why no one saw this and says she will prove his innocence for sure. Balraj talks with the Lawyer about Rudraksh’s case. He tells him that best Lawyers team coming so no one can arrest him now.

Harish, Keerti’s father who came there says he will make sure that Police arrests Rudraksh and he will also see who can save him. Balraj says he doesn’t know about whom he is talking. Harish introduces himself and tells the Police inspector to arrest Rudraksh. Preesha says no one can arrest her husband and says he is innocent, he didn’t kill Keerti so they can’t arrest him. She says Rudraksh is not the one who met Keerti last. Yuvraj thinks now she will take his name. She calls the hotel Manager and asks why he didn’t tell the full information to Police inspector.

Harish asks what is talking about. She says she wants to show them something and everyone reaches the terrace. She shows the another way which can lead to reach the terrace. Manager says that door is locked always and no one uses it and he totally forget about it that’s why didn’t informed about it. Preesha opens that door which shocks everyone.She says she used this way yesterday night and she also saw Rudraksh and Keerti and he left the terrace that time Keerti was alive after that Rudraksh was with her only full night so he didn’t murder anyone.

Police inspector says she should have said this earlier. She says they can’t arrest Rudraksh on the basis of that CCTV footage because anyone would have come to terrace using this another way, and here there is no CCTV camera exists. Harish says she is trying to save Rudraksh and tells Police inspector to arrest him. Police inspector says until they collects details about the persons who used this way they can’t arrest anyone. Balraj says Harish is not above the law and Preesha already proved that Rudraksh is innocent.

Vasudha and Gopal gets to know about Keerti’s murder and calls Preesha to know the details but she doesn’t picks their call. Vasudha calls Sharda and asks what’s happening there. Sharda tells her about Keerti’s murder and says Police blaming Rudraksh for it. She says Preesha proved his innocence.

Gopal says he wants Rudraksh to trust Preesha like he used to trust her nothing else. Preesha, Rudraksh enters their room. Saaransh hugs Rudraksh saying he missed him a lot. And they spends family time together. Ahana gets relived saying now they can go back to their house and asks why Mishka didn’t notice that door.

Constable tells Police inspector that they got something. Rudraksh asks Preesha why she lied and says she didn’t came to the terrace using another way and asks is she trying to impress him by doing all this, if she thinks like that then she is wrong, he won’t forget what she did with him.

Episode ends

Precap – Police inspector says they got earring in the spot so it’s some woman who met Keerti at last.