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The episode begins with Preesha says Rudraksh took advantage of her and used her. He asks her to stay quiet saying it’s a live telecast everyone watching it. She says that’s why she is telling so everyone can hate him like her. She says she was unlucky that’s why her marriage happened with him. She asks what he thinks about himself and says if he have guts he should slap her now.

Ahana says what is she doing. Mishka says they should stop Preesha because she is damaging Rudraksh’s image more instead of saving it. Balraj expects Rudraksh to do something. Saaransh says his parents became friends then why they are fighting now. Sharda doesn’t understans anything. Chetana asks Preesha to stop. Preesha says everyone should know that he is not any rock star but just a fake star. Rudraksh slaps her hearing that.

Vasudha assumes Blackmailer would have blackmailed Preesha. Yuvraj taunts Gopal for trusting Rudraksh and says if this continues he will kill Preesha one day. He says if they don’t want to anything then fine but he is going to bring Preesha and Saaransh. Gopal asks him to stay there saying he can’t go to her place. He says Preesha is his daughter he will do whatever he has to, Yuvraj should not come in between.

Rudraksh says his fans matters for him because of them and his music only he is rock star now. Preesha says he used her and this slap is proof for that. He apologize to Chetana and asks to finish the interview. He was about to leave from there but Preesha stops him saying she won’t leave him for his slap and threatens to arrest him.

Ahana asks Preesha that what is she doing, did she forgot that she is Rudraksh’s wife. He notices the chandelier before it falls on Preesha he saves her by pushing her. Everyone shocks seeing that especially Yuvraj. Rose petals starts to fell on them. Both smiles seeing each other. He asks is she okay. She says she is fine and he is here to save her so no worries. He signs to lift the chandelier and someone does it. Ahana asks what’s happening.

Chetana claps and says it’s a surprise for everyone and asks Preesha to reveal it. Preesha says she getting angry on him and he slapping her was act but not the chandelier part. She says he is such a caring husband and father. She says that slap also fake, he didn’t slapped her instead they used the slapping sound. She says he cries seeing his mother in pain then one can understand how much he respects woman.

Chetana praises the way Rudraksh saved Preesha. Preesha says after she uploading the clip too few talked bad about Rudraksh that’s why they had to do this drama. Rudraksh says it won’t be possible if Chetana didn’t helped them. Chetana says she just wanted viewers to know the truth.

Chetana says Preesha is lucky to get a romantic husband like him. Preesha says she too was surprised seeing rain of rose petals and she agrees that she is lucky. Gopal tells Yuvraj that half truth is dangerous than lie and scolds him. Yuvraj scolds his guy for flopping his plan. Neerja praises Preesha and Rudraksh.

Rahul pissed off hearing her. Ahana asks why Balraj came from there without watching full interview. She tells him everything which happened after the slap. She says this interview is hit and people liking Preesha too. Balraj gets angry and says he didn’t blackmail her for this instead he did that to insult her in front of everyone. Ahana shocks hearing him.

Episode ends.