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Episode begins with Mishka asks Rudraksh about report. He tells her that report is negative. She tells him that, that’s not possible. He asks her to remember that what exactly happened. She informs him that Venky told her that he is going to rape her and tore her clothe and pushed her on the bed and closed her mouth and then she don’t remember that what happened after that. He tells her that Venky tricked her to stop this marriage. She asks him that what are they going to do now.

After some time, Vasudha asks Rudraksh that why he called them. He reveals that Mishka has been raped according to report. She tells him that someone else would have raped Mishka so why he is dragging Venky into this. He tells her that Venky wanted revenge from Mishka. He asks her that why Mishka will lie about it by ruining her own marriage. She asks Preesha that whom the latter believes between Rudraksh and Venky.

Preesha tells her that if report is positive then she need to find out the culprit and she is sure that Venky is innocent and she also want to know that why Mishka lying. Mishka tells her that she is not lying. Preesha tells Vasudha that she can’t live with Rudraksh because he accused Venky but she need to live in Khurana house to catch the real culprit. Srinivasan’s leaves from there.

Rudraksh tells Mishka that their plan got flopped. He asks her that what she did to save herself from Venky. She tells him that she scratched his shoulder to escape. He takes her and Preesha to Srinivasan’s house. Vasudha asks them that what are they doing there. Preesha tells her that she has no idea about it. Rudraksh asks Venky to open his kurta. He notices scratches on his shoulder and reveals that Mishka scratched him while escaping from him.

He informs him that they found skin in Mishka’s nail so they are going to match Venky’s DNA sample with it. Vasudha tells him that Mishka keep lying. Preesha tells her that wrong happened with Mishka so they has to catch the real culprit too. She agrees for DNA test which shocks Venky. Rudraksh thinks that he is lying to expose Venky and he calls someone and that person takes Venky’s DNA sample.

Later, Rudraksh thanks Preesha for giving Venky’s DNA sample. She tells him that he changed so she will decide the future of their relationship once they gets test result. He takes her to Mishka’s room. Mishka shows a piece of kurta to them. Rudraksh tells Preesha that, it’s from Venky’s kurta.

She finds that kurta in Venky’s cupboard. She shows the piece of kurta to Venky and asks him that how it reached Mishka’s room if he didn’t went to her room then. Vasudha tells her that it’s Mishka’s cunning plan. Preesha asks her to not defend Venky now because they can’t ignore this proof too. Vasudha tells them that they will talk after receiving the report and sends them from there. Venky tells himself that Rudraksh playing really well because he didn’t rape Mishka still Rudraksh trapped him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Venky shows Mishka’s report. Preesha learns about Rudraksh’s lie.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh defends Mishka