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Episode begins with Preesha recalls how Rudraksh saved her. Rudraksh assures her saying nothing will happen to her saying he has the key for handcuff but he drops the key in the car. She tells him to go back saying they can’t leave Saaransh alone. He gets the key and unlocks her handcuffs and saves her ( Title song plays in the background ).

He says now everything is fine and she smiles looking at him. He asks is she okay now. She says she would have died if he didn’t came then. He says that’s not possible because until he is alive he won’t let anything happen to her. Police inspector gives water to her.

Rudraksh asks how it happened. She says what Mahima did and asks did they caught her and asks where is Saaransh now. He says she escaped once again and she shocks hearing him. She asks how can Mahima escape and says Saaransh is with her and they has to save him no matter what and asks him to do something.

He says they planned everything to catch her but she escapes every time now he is not understanding what to do to trap her. She says she knows that what they has to do to catch Mahima and also to save Saaransh and says she has to die. He asks is she become mad.

She says if Mahima thinks she died then let her think like that and says they should not let her know that she is alive because if she got to know that her plan failed then, in anger she may hurt Saaransh and she may even try to leave the city with him and they can’t catch her never so she should fake her death. He says it’s not small thing and asks what they will tell to their family. She says now their priority is Saaransh.

He says their plan may backfire and says if Mahima got to know Preesha died then she will think now no one is there to stop her so she may try escape with Saaransh. She says they won’t let her escape and tells her plan to him and Police inspector. He says he just worried for their family. She says they will understand their intention.

Later they got to know that Mahima trying to leave the country with Saaransh. Preesha calls Mahima so she can come to hospital to check her dead body. Rudraksh asks will Mahima come. Preesha says she is sure that Mahima will come. He gets worried for Saaransh. She reveals that Mahima disguised herself. And as per their plan Mahima comes to hospital.

Preesha tells Mahima that she is cunning for sure but her time is over now. Rudraksh says she already confessed everything now she can’t escape. Police surrounds her and Preesha asks about Saaransh. Mahima laughs and says she put time bomb near Saaransh and bomb will blast in 15 minutes.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima asks Preesha to save Saaransh instead of wasting her time.