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Episode begins with Venky reminds Mishka about her accusation and tells her that he is going to make her accusation true. She asks him that is he gone mad. He tells her that she destroyed hisnlife so now he is going to ruin her life. She tries to escape but he holds her and tears her clothes. She pleads him to leave her and apologizes to him to saying that she regrets for whatever happened. He pushes her on the bed.

Meanwhile Rudraksh thinks that he should check Mishka once. Preesha asks him to get ready first. Venky comes downstairs. Preesha asks him that why he didn’t wear her choice dress. He complains about that dress to her. Rudraksh thinks that Mishka must be fine because Venky is there and he goes to his room to get ready.

After some time, Preesha welcomes Param. Priest asks them to bring the bride. Preesha goes to Mishka’s room and knocks the door but no response from other side. She informs Rudraksh that Mishka is not opening the door. He gets worried and looks at Venky. Param notices Preesha’s expression and asks her about Mishka. They goes to Mishka’s room and breaks the door. They finds Mishka unconscious on her bed. Preesha splashes water on her face. Mishka regains her consciousness and screams and cries.

Preesha asks her that what happened. Mishka reveals about her rape. Rudraksh asks her that why she opened the door. She tells him that he took the latter’s name so she opened the door. Preesha asks her that who did that. Mishka points at Venky. Preesha asks her that is she gone mad. Mishka tells her that she is telling the truth and Rudraksh already warned her about Venky’s revenge. Rudraksh reveals that it’s Mishka who falsely accused Venky 10 years back.

Vidhi asks Sharda that why marriage is not happening and she don’t want to live alone. Saaransh tells her that marriage will happen for sure. Sharda wonders that what happened there.

Preesha asks Rudraksh that why he didn’t reveal the truth to her. Gopal asks Rudraksh that how the latter knows about it. Rudraksh informs him that Mishka told him everything. He tells him that Mishka regrets for what she did with Venky. Vasudha scolds Mishka for ruining Venky’s life. Mishka apologizes to her and tells her that she already apologized to Venky. Vasudha tells her that the latter accusing her son again. Gopal tells Mishka that Venky is not normal to do all this. Rudraksh tells him that Venky lying about his recovery. He asks Preesha to ask Dr Radha to know about Venky’s recovery.

Preesha defends Venky and tells Rudraksh that the latter lying. He asks her that why he will lie and Venky wants revenge from Mishka. Preesha asks Venky about Mishka. He accepts that it’s Mishka who falsely accused him but he forgave her when Mishka apologized to her. He asks her that why he will ruin Mishka’s life. He tells her that he is innocent and Mishka accusing him again.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha slaps Rudraksh. Rudraksh tells them that they will do Mishka’s test.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2021 Written Update: Venky saves Rudraksh