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Episode begins with Venky tells himself that he didn’t rape Mishka still Rudraksh trapped him. He recalls that how he made Mishka unconscious and potrayed like he raped her so she faces problem. He thinks a way to escape from Rudraksh’s trap. On the other hand, Preesha apologizes to Mishka for not believing her and tells her that it’s hard to think that Venky is behind that and if he is responsible then she will make sure that he ends up in jail.

Mishka goes to her room Rudraksh follows her. She tells him that they are lying to Preesha and asks him to think that how Preesha will react if she get to know that Venky didn’t rape her and skin was not found in her nail. He tells her that he can understand but it’s not the time to think emotionally and they has to make sure that Venky confesses his wrongdoings. She tells him that Preesha suffering a lot because of this. He tells her that it’s hard for him to see Preesha like that but exposing Venky is his priority. He says to her that they will stick to their plan.

Saaransh learns about Preesha’s headache so he gives head massage to her and she closes her eyes ( Title song plays in the background ). Rudraksh enters the room and signals Saaransh to leave and he gives head massage to Preesha. After some time, Preesha realises Rudraksh’s presence and tells him that she didn’t forgive him yet. She asks him that why he hided the truth from her. He tells her that she was not ready to accept that Venky could be wrong too so he wanted to collect evidence to prove his point. She tells him that he didn’t trust her.

Vasudha asks Preesha to reach Srinivasan’s house. Preesha, Rudraksh and Mishka reaches Srinivasan’s house. Vasudha tells Preesha that Venky is missing and blames Mishka for it. Venky enters the house and tells them that he went to collect evidence to prove his innocence. He recalls that how he took Mishka’s report. He shows the report to his family and informs them that no one raped Mishka but he is not understanding that why she and Rudraksh lied that he raped Mishka.

Preesha asks Rudraksh that what is all this. Mishka asks her to not blame Rudraksh because he was just helping her. She informs her that what Venky did with her and why Rudraksh lied to her. Preesha demands truth from Rudraksh. He agrees that he lied about Mishka’s report. She tells him that everything is over between them. He asks her to not say like that and not blame Mishka too in all this.

She tells him that he didn’t care about others emotions and throws him and Mishka out of the house saying that she don’t want to see his face. She cries hugging Venky and Vasudha faints. Mishka apologizes to Rudraksh. He tells her that he will expose Venky in front of Preesha for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sharda asks Rudraksh to find out Venky’s weakness.