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Episode begins with Saaransh tells Rudraksh to hug Santa if he wants his wish to get fulfilled then. Rudraksh hesitates it but Saaransh pushes him towards Preesha. Rudraksh realises that it’s Preesha in Santa’s disguise and smiles. She says it’s her surprise that’s why she didn’t pick his calls. And Saaransh enjoys Christmas party with his parents and friends. Mishka congratulates Mahima for the successful party. Ahana says first she thought bringing Santa was wrong decision but she was wrong and shows how Saaransh, Rudraksh not leaving Santa for a moment also and enjoying the party.

Mahima suspects Santa and moves towards them but Sharda stops her saying she wants to introduce her to some important guest and thinks she won’t let her go to Preesha. Waiter tells Rudraksh that Security guard informed him that Santa waiting for him outside. Preesha too hears him and tells Rudraksh that she already handled the Santa who Mahima arranged then who came now.

She recalls how she convinced the original Santa guy saying she wants to enter Khurana mansion as Santa for her son. Rudraksh tells the kids to wait for them saying he and Santa going to bring more gifts for them. They goes out and shocks seeing Yuvraj in Santa’s disguise. Preesha asks him that what is he doing here. Yuvraj says she left him alone in Srinivasan house and he knows that she will do something like this that’s why he followed her to know what she and Rudraksh planning without involving him.

Rudraksh asks Yuvraj that why he followed Preesha. Yuvraj says even though duplicate still he is husband for her and it was his responsibility to take care of her and says he realised that what she was planning seeing her in Santa’s disguise. He says he came here to help her because he is the one who always saves her not Rudraksh. Rudraksh mocks him for coming in Santa’s disguise.

Preesha says if anyone saw two Santa’s then they will be suspicious for sure. Yuvraj says he just got Santa costume that’s why he came here as Santa to help them. Rudraksh says they doesn’t need his help and tells him to leave before anyone sees him. Yuvraj was about to leave but Mahima comes there and asks what’s happening here and notices two Santa’s. Rudraksh says by mistake double booking happened for Santa that’s why he was sending back another Santa.

Mahima tells Yuvraj to not leave saying kids will be happy seeing two Santa’s in party. Saaransh gets excited seeing two Santa’s. Rudraksh takes Preesha from there and asks her to fulfill his wife because she is Santa now. She asks about his wish. He says he is waiting to hear that three magical words from her. She teases him then confesses that she loves him. He hugs her and asks her to kiss him. Mahima notices that Rudraksh, Santa missing in party. Rudraksh was about to kiss Preesha but hearing Mahima’s voice he stops it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima questions Rudraksh.