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Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Preesha that they will handle Mahima together. Mishka, Ahana was about to go out but Mahima stops them saying she planned surprise for everyone so they can leave later. Balraj who came there asks why Mahima messaged him. Ahana gets angry seeing Preesha, Yuvraj and mocks them. They got to know that Mahima called Preesha here.

Rudraksh says he can’t tolerate them they what are they doing here. Mahima says she invited them for special reason. Preesha says she is here to meet Saaransh. Mahima says yesterday only Preesha met Saaransh. Balraj says that’s not possible. Mahima reveals that Preesha, Yuvraj attended the party in Santa’s disguise even though she told Preesha to not come to party still she attended by betraying everyone. She says she called Preesha to expose her lies.

Rudraksh how can they come here. Mahima says even he lied to her and let them enter the house even though he knows that they are Preesha, Yuvraj. She says she confirmed with party planner that there was no double booking. He says if he already knows then why he will let them enter the house and says he said whatever they told him. She says she won’t leave them and says till now she tolerated everything but not anymore. She asks Preesha to confess otherwise she will call the Police.

Rudraksh wonders how Mahima got to know all this and gets worried. Mahima thinks Preesha’s game finished and more insults waiting for her. She says she is ashamed to say that Preesha is her sister and asks why she betrayed everyone again and if she wanted to meet Saaransh then she should have asked her. Ahana says they should file case against Preesha, Yuvraj. Mishka says they may have stole something too. Mahima was about to call Police but stops hearing Preesha.

Preesha says she didn’t come to this house in Santa’s disguise and she can even prove that. She looks at Yuvraj and shows clip from her mobile. Mahima shocks seeing that clip. She recalls how she expected that Mahima wont stay silent because she is suspecting them already so she and Yuvraj went to hospital in Santa’s disguise and celebrated Christmas with hospital kids so she can prove later that she didn’t went to Khurana mansion. Preesha says she went to hospital in Santa’s disguise to celebrate Christmas and her husband accompanied her to support her and warns her to not accuse her again.

Yuvraj thinks he should not stay silent and taunts Mahima for accusing her own sister like this and says he won’t tolerate more insult of his wife. Rudraksh pushes Yuvraj. Yuvraj says he was silent till now but not anymore and leaves from there after warning Rudraksh. Preesha says Yuvraj overreacted there. He praises her plan and says from now on Mahima will stay alert and they should be careful. Rudraksh scolds Mahima for blaming him in front of his family and enemies. He gets Preesha’s message that she wants to meet him to discuss further plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha says Mahima is liar and Mahima shocks seeing Arjun in Khurana mansion.